Blood Bowl’s NOV Holiday Release Preview

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blood bowlWarhammer TV sat down with Andy Hoare on Twitch to talk about Blood Bowl and some of the new releases we will be seeing soon.

Blood Bowl was released in November 2016 and has done exceedingly well, even improving since the release. The support within the community has been fantastic! New releases through the summer have been coming out in both plastic and Forge World resin to expand the Blood Bowl teams even further. There hasn’t been many releases over the summer due to the build up for wave 2 which will include more plastic teams, and will come out later this year. Alongside wave 2 we’re also going to be seeing special play card sleeves to help protect your cards for future play.

The first team will be Elves. These Elves are the Harlequins of the Blood Bowl universe – agile and delicate. They will be two plastic sprues per set, each one containing six models a sprue. The models are more modular to allow for more movement and experiment with poses. The goal for Games Workshop was to allow for more individuality within each team.

We’re also going to be seeing new dice! The Elven union dice set is made of “powdered unicorn horn”…. or they’re an Elven gemstone, either or. The gleaming effect resembles something the Elves themselves would carry on their person.

The new Elven union pitch will be double sided and will kick off part 1 of new generation of new pitches. The Elven pitch features lovely, well kept greenery on one side, and a frozen “Elves on ice” on the reverse. The frozen side may have additional adjustments to movement for a fun twist to each game.

Elven union team card – position cards (like those in the starting set), with prices included, star player cards, and the new customizable stats cards for each position. This will allow you to adjust the stats as they change in the game. Also, we’re going to be seeing new special play cards themed for the Elven union, but they are not team specific and you will be able to use them for all teams. There is also a match reference card, handicapping card, a how-to card, and even the new Red Card, for fouls.

All these, and more, are coming out before Christmas of 2017. They are aiming to bring out a new plastic team every three to four months. Halflings and Lizardmen are on the list of teams they wish to do in the future, prior to getting through the bigger named teams.

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