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Leman Russ tank drive me closerGames Workshop has released the preview for the Steel Legion of Armageddon, focusing on their tactics of fast-moving, mechanized warfare.

Since Armageddon has been a major battleground for many wars fought in the 40k universe, the Astra Militarum regiment that calls it “home” needs to adjust heavily to the harsh and unforgiving conditions.

The Industrial Efficiency doctrine shows how efficient the Steel Legion has become at both surviving with their vehicles and attacking oncoming enemies in a hail of fire. Vehicles treating AP -1 attacks as AP 0 will have better results on saving throws and are more likely to survive longer, feeding into the lore that these vehicles are built with extra fortifications to withstand a little bit more power. Infantry being able to double the number of attacks at a range up to 18” with Rapid Fire weapons, rather than only having that bonus at the weapons normal range, effectively get to stay farther away from enemy units, cause a lot of damage, then hurry to the next location in fast-paced format.

The Steel Legion relies heavily on vehicles for transport around the battlefield quickly. The order “Mount Up!” allows a unit to shoot then immediately get back on their transport, as long as all the models of the unit are within 3” of the vehicle. While this order cannot be issued to a unit that just disembarked, it does allow for setup of moving in to 18” rapid fire distance, raining fire down upon the enemies, then returning to the vehicle before the enemy can get within charging range to retaliate in close combat.

The new stratagem “Armoured Fist” costs 1 CP and allows for all hit rolls of 1 to be re-rolled for that unit until the end of the phase. Combo that with the previous order and the affected units will have several very deadly shooting rounds prior to moving to their next advantageous spot on the table.

The new codex has Heirlooms of Conquest to equip the Company Commanders with to gain various tactical advantages over the enemies. The Dagger of Tu’sakh allows for the commander and one infantry unit with the same keyword to be deployed behind enemy lines to launch deadly strikes. Kurov’s Aquila allows the officers to roll a dice every time the opponent uses a stratagem and, on a 5+, gain 1 CP. The Blade of Conquest gives great boost to strength with +2, has an AP of -4, and does D3 damage. Pair that with some of the warlord traits, such as “Ex-gang Leader” to add 1 to the attack characteristic, and the blade can slice through enemies rather quickly.

Lastly, GW previewed the brand new unit: Ogryn Bodyguard, which is built from the Ogryn plastic kit. This new model acts as a Look Out, Sir unit, intercepting wounds for any friendly Astra Militarum Character within 3”.

The Astra Militarum Codex goes on presale tomorrow, September 30th.

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