GW Reveals The Fate of The Horus Heresy Novels

30k Horus Heresy ArtThe Horus Heresy series has been around for 11 years, but it looks we’re getting to the end. It’s finally time for the Siege of Terra.

Games Workshop just dropped a big announcement that after 11 years and 45 books we’re finally reaching the end of The Horus Heresy. Let’s see what one community writers had to say about the meeting with the writers that he was able to sit in on.

Rhuairidh: Working at Warhammer World, it’s easy to get starstruck – you may well find yourself standing next to Phil Kelly in the queue for lunch, or competing against the likes of Jervis Johnson in a tournament. When I walked into Stormcast (that’s what we call our main boardroom here at HQ!) I was, quite understandably, bowled over – after all, meeting Aaron Dembski-Bowden is one thing, but here too was John French! Guy Haley! Dan Abnett! After introductions, the team got right to it and there was a palpable crackle in the air, every writer dedicated to one purpose – doing justice to this legendary event and bringing their work over the last decade or so to a climax.

sanguinius lore

I peered over the authors’ shoulders. The table was strewn with notebooks, maps and arcana from the history of Warhammer. Alongside art from Rogue Trader lay ancient White Dwarf articles, including the first ever account of the Siege of Terra in print. While everyone knows what happened at the Siege of Terra, the how is more complicated, and the subject of much of the discussion – who was first to breach the walls? What was happening on the rest of the planet? Which Primarchs and Legions were there? What outside forces were at play?


This promises to be one of the most richly realised sections of the Horus Heresy series yet. I wish I could tell you what was decided – the twists, turns and unexpected reversals that lie in store for readers of the series. If you think you know what happens at the Siege of Terra, think again – expect tragedy, triumph and revelations galore.

Imperial Palace

As the Siege of Terra dawns, now’s the time to brush up on your Horus Heresy history. I can’t reveal anything at this stage, but rest assured that threads that have been in play since ‘Horus Rising’ will be resolved; every single Horus Heresy novel has been building up to this. In the meantime, I’m planning on re-reading the series (and, quite possibly, starting yet another Space Marine Legion army!).

It looks like this epic story that we’ve all come to know and love is finally coming to an end? What’s going to happen during the Siege of Terra? What possible twists, turns and unexpected reversals could they have planned for us? This explains what that mysterious tweet was about last week.


No matter what it is they have planned, we can’t wait to find out more. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be putting out updates as soon as we get them.

What are your thoughts? What do you think they have planned for the final battle at Terra?

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  • Le roi d’Hyrule

    Spoilers : Horus dies !

    • spikeybits

      Can confirm

  • Deathwing

    I imagine there will still be a book or 3 to finish moving the pieces into place on the board on all sides, and then 3-7 books to finish it all out. Remember so far the two battles we have had the most written on are the drop site massacre and Prospero.
    Prospero had 2 books and some side threads in a few more, the Drop site was tied into what 6-7 books?
    Just because we are moving to the end game doesn’t mean it wont be 4 more years before everyone’s done putting pen to paper for the HH series.
    And remember there’s still the new series started with the Talon of Horus that tells the story of what happened for the traitors afterwards, that’s just heating up. We also are coming up on more primarchs possibly being returned to the game for 41k soon, might be a great time to start another series on how they all disappeared in the first place.
    Possibilities possibilities oh the possibilities

    • Deathwing

      There can be entire siege of terra novels on the white scars, the emperors children, Sanguinius, Dorn frantically trying to counter Perturabo, Argul Tal and Kharn, Sigismund wrecking face, The space battles in orbit, The battles of will and wit as so many primarchs used to being in charge are concentrated in 1 place and have to deal with each others competing leadership styles. Mortarions legion finally turning into plague goombas. and where the heck is Magnus in all this?
      the list continues

    • GWELLS

      You can probably rest assured on that. The lead up to and the siege could span another 7-10 books before we actually get to the duel.

      Then we could even get some books that cover the scouring after the death of Horus. Quite a bit of fighting did occur as the Traiters were pushed into the eye.

      My theory is that we might get some novels afterward covering the scouring and maybe giving a bit more detail on why some of the Primarchs left.

      Then maybe we could get even some novels that perhaps cover some of the more interesting parts of the Indomitus Crusade. We only really got a good look at the beginning and end. There is 100 years of story they could fill in and could easily support a book series. Just saying

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