Painting Dragonskin is Secretly Easy

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stormcast on dracoth sigmar vandusIt’s dragon time! If you got a bunch of dragons or lizards to paint up, check out this guide to painting their skin super fast and easy! 

Welcome back hobby maniacs! Today Rob is back with another awesome tutorial for painting super fast and easy scaly dragon skin, on this fearsome Celestial Dracoth of Vandus Hammerhands. This little guy has some of the best details of any of the dragon models Games Workshop has produced!

vannus hammerhands dragon cat painted rob

Lets get down to business!  First Rob bases the whole model with a gold primer prepping for the eventual armor plates covering the model.  You can check out our Golden armor tutorial for details on that!


To being the Dracoth Skin Rob lays down 3 layers of green paint.  A dark green base coat that covers the entire skin surface.  After that he applies a medium highlight of green to pick out the raised areas and break up the larger sections of skin.  Finally there is an extreme highlight layer of light green mixed with an off white (to prevent the highlight from turning pastel).

Green Layers

Once the airbrush work is done rob applies a semi-gloss coating to the model.  This assists in the glazing step.  Using a Games Workshop green shade mixed with some future floor wax and water Rob carefully coats the entire surface of the Dracoth’s skin.  He has to be careful not to let the glaze pool to heavily, lest it dry splotchy!


Finally, one the glaze has dried its time to apply the final step!  A bright edge highlight along the most upraised sections of the skin using the same highlight color from the airbrushing step!

EdgingCheck out the whole tutorial video in the link below for more detailed instructions and paint lists!

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