Runewars Wave 1 Daqan Expansions Unboxed

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Daqan LordsCheckout the new the wave 1 expansions sets for the Daqan Lords faction in Fantasy Flight Game’s latest tabletop game, Runewars!

As threats to the Dragon Runes continue to grow, the Daqan Lords rise to defend the safety of the lands with greater forces than before.

The Daqan Lords have expanded their armies with three new unit expansions: Spearmen, Rune Golems, and the hero Lord Hawthorne. These units, and more are available on Fantasy Flight Games. To see the entire unboxing and review, scroll down and press play on the video below.

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The Spearmen have 8 plastic figures, 2 movement trays, 1 command tool, 5 upgrade cards, and tokens. This unit was included in the starter but this upgrade pack has several new sculpts. The models are very easy to put together as they are not very multi-part and paint up fairly quickly.

When the fires of war threaten the land of Terrinoth, the rank-and-file of Daqan form a mighty bulwark to protect their homes, and the spearman rise to the challenge of keeping their lands safe. The Spearmen Unit Expansion comes with eight Spearmen plastic figures and two plastic infantry movement trays to expand your Daqan army. Five additional upgrade cards for any army will give you the tools you need to push back any force.

Spearmen Unit Expansion $24.95

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daqan golem

The Rune Golems were seen in the starter and the expansion comes with a new sculpt. The models go together incredibly quickly. You can equip him with units, for decreased points, or take him by himself. There are several upgrade cards that are Daqan only, as well as several common cards.

Deep within the ancient fortresses of Terrinoth stand ancient stone guardians, ever vigilant. Only awakened by Lords and Wizards who know the secrets that can imbue the golems with life when the need is dire. The strength and ferocity of these golems knows no equal, scything their massive blades through infantry and cavalry with ease.  Rune Golems will stop at nothing to destroy the enemies of the Daqan, and then return to their hidden slumber until called upon again.

The Rune Golems Unit expansion features two Rune Golem Plastic Figures, one sculpt new to this expansion and one identical to the Rune Golem sculpt found in the Core set, as well as eight upgrade cards to help you build your army anyway you choose. Crush the enemies of Daqan beneath your feet with the Rune Golems Unit expansion.

Rune Golems Unit Expansion $34.95

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daqan lord

Lord Hawthorne is a new hero expansion with a relatively new sculpt. He comes with terrain, additional deployment and scenario card, 6 upgrade cards, and 2 different ways of taking the model in your army. The model does have a lot of detail and can be put together with relative little issues, being the same push fit models as the others. He comes with an infantry and a cavalry option, both with some pretty unique detail in the armor, though the mount itself has some fantastic armor. The infantry model can be added to another unit as an upgrade for decreased points.

As a young man, Lord Hawthorne’s home of Seragart was beset by a horde of barbarians led by a mysterious warlord wielding foul sorcery. As a descendent of Sir Rodric the Strong, Hawthorne was not one to sit idly by. Though badly outnumbered, Hawthorne charged out of the gates with the city’s remaining troops, taking the barbarians by surprise, in the process uncovering the malicious power behind the attacks: the renegade sorcerer Ankaur Maro. Though the defenders of the city were eventually able to break the siege, Maro was able to escape.

Hawthorne was knighted for his bravery in the defense of Seragart, and vowed to never again let a foe escape his blade. Now, rumors swirl that Ankaur Maro has made his return as a servant of Waiqar, and Lord Hawthorne rides forward, determined to defeat his old foe once and for all.

The Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion includes two different figures for Lord Hawthorne to add to your Daqan army, a cavalry version and an infantry version, as well as six new upgrade cards, four of which will improve any army and two that are exclusive to Lord Hawthorne.

Lord Hawthrone Hero Expansion Pack $24.95

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These units for the Daqan, and more, are available on Fantasy Flight Games. To see the entire preview, plus a peak at the action dials and some cards, press play on the video below!

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