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Tyranids Codex

Tons more rules rumors are out there, and we’ve cataloged as many as we can find. Checkout the latest rumors for the Tyranids Codex for units and more.

The following rumored rules teasers for Codex: Tyranids were spotted over on The Tyranid Hive, and there is a ton of new Warlord and Hive Fleet Traits that were teased. This is just a rumor, so make sure you add plenty of salt.

salt pile

Here’s a few more tasty morsels that are supposedly from the new Tyranids Codex (edited for grammar and completeness):

I dont have the numbers but there are many reductions in costs for big bug melee and ranged weapons. eg. massive scything are now 10pts. massive scything talons in a pair are cheaper too (cant remember exact number). monstrous scything talons are much cheaper too. carnifex comes stock with tresher scythe which is now zero points and is the same wording as the hive tyrant. which is, it makes its profile attacks, which in the codex is 4, and then also makes the tail attack, which is now 1d3 attacks


  • Hive Fleet Attribute: Re-roll failed charges.
  • Warlord Trait: A To-Wound roll of 6+ during the Fight Phase deals 1 additional damage.
  • Stratagem: Brute Force (1CP)
    Use when a Benemoth unit successfully completes a charge. Roll a dice for each model in the unit that ended it’s charge move within 1” of an enemy model. For each roll of 6+, the enemy unit suffers 1 Mortal Wound. If the charging unit was a Monster, it instead inflicts a Mortal Wound on a roll of 2+.


  • Hive Fleet Attribute: Re-roll 1’s To-Hit during the Fight Phase.
  • Warlord Trait: At the end of the Fight Phase roll a dice for each unit within 1”/3”* of the Warlord. On a 4+ that unit suffers a Mortal Wound.
  • Stratagem: Hypertoxicity (1CP)
    Use during the Fight Phase. Choose a Gorgon unit equipped with Toxin Sacs. The biomorph does 1 additional damage on To-Wound rolls of 5+ instead of 6+.


  • Hive Fleet Attribute: Re-roll all failed To-Hit rolls during the Fight Phase for units who outnumber their opponents.
  • Warlord Trait: At the beginning of your turn roll a dice for each Wound your Warlord has suffered previously in battle, on a 6+ it regains that Wound.
  • Stratagem: Endless Swarm (2cp)
    Select a destroyed unit of Termagants, Hormsgaunts, Gargoyles, or any Hydra Infantry unit that has been completely destroyed. Add an identical unit to your army and set it up as reinforcements wholly within 6” of any board edge, and more than 9 inch from any enemy units.

Not sure if this is actually the Hydra stratagem, if it simply has a bonus when used by Hydra armies. The wording implies the later, but I couldn’t find another trait that specifically mentions Hydra in the leaks.


  • Hive Fleet Attribute: A unit with this adaptation (other than units that can Fly) always has the benefit of cover for the purpose of shooting attacks. If the unit advances or charges, however, it loses the benefits of this adaptation until the start of your next movement phase.
  • Warlord Trait: Enemy units do not benefit from Cover against attacks made by the Warlord or friendly units within 3” of the Warlord.
  • Stratagem: The Enemy Below (1CP)  Use this Stratagem during deployment when setting up a Jormungandr Infantry unit. Instead of deploying normal set this unit up underground. When you set up a unit of tunnellers (Raveners, Trygon, Trygon Prime, or Mawloc) any number of units that have been set up underground may deploy with them. Place that unit within 3” of the tunneller and more than 9” away from any enemy units.


  • Hive Fleet Attribute: Units may charge after Falling Back.
  • Warlord Trait: Choose a unit within 6” of the Warlord, it may fight first in the Fight Phase even if it didn’t charge.
  • Stratagem: Opportunistic Advance (1CP)  Use in the Movement Phase. Choose a Kraken unit that does not have the Fly keyword. When Advancing you can double number you roll when determining how much to add to the unit’s Movemnt characteristic.


  • Hive Fleet Attribute: If a unit does not Move, it may re-roll 1’s To-Hit when shooting.
  • Warlord Trait: If an enemy Psyker within 18” of your Warlord fails a Psychic Test they suffer D3 Mortal Wounds.
  • Stratagem: Against Shadows (1CP)  Use when an enemy psyker attempts to cast a spell within 24” of a Kronos unit. That psyker can only use one dice for their psychic test.


  • Hive Fleet Attribute: Each unit may re-roll 1 failed To-Hit and To-Wound roll when it shoots or fights (needs exact wording before confirmation).
  • Warlord Trait: After deployment, but before the first game turn, you may re-deploy your Warlord.
  • Stratagem: War On All Fronts (1CP)
    Use during the Fight Phase. Select enemy unit within 1” of one Flying and one non-Flying Leviathan unit. You may re-roll all To-Hit and To-Wound rolls of 1 for attacks against the enemy unit made by friendly Leviathin units.

Behemoth tyranids hor wal


  • 30 inch norm crown that negates the effect of IB, but doesn’t give you anything else.
  • there is a relic for any character that gives either +1S, +1A or +1T during fight phase. roll dice to see which buff
  • a relic venom cannon. same stats as a venom cannon except d6 shots. but if the target is within 12″ it auto hits and always wounds on 2+

Tyranid Psychic Powers

Warp blast is the same except at a unit of 6 it deals d3+3 instead of d3

1. Dominion
WC5. Nid unit within 36 inch have IB ability. Ignore moral test until next psyk phase.

2. Catalyst 
18 inch of psyk, select a unit to have 5+++

3. The Horror
6WC, unit within 24 inch visible to psyker. unit -1 hit and ld

4. Onslaught
6wc. 18 inch within psyker.
Shoot even if advanced , no penalty for move and shooting with heavy, or advancing and shooting assault weapons. Can charge even if it advanced but not if it fell back.

5. Paroxysm 
5 WC. Choose enemy unit within 18. Fight last.

6. Psychic Scream
5WC. Nearest enemy unit within 18 suffers D3 mortal wounds.
If that unit is psyker, roll 2D6, beat their ld, and they randomly forget 1 of their powers.

General Unit Rules & More:

  • swarmlord is NOT leviathan keyword. i caused some confusion from my wrongly reported warlord traits. swarmlord has the re-set up your warlord before the game starts one. the leviathan trait is in fact this:
    1 per battle round. you can reroll a single hit/wound/dmg /advance charge or saving throw for the wl
  • old eyeball 200 pts. 9w character add 1 roll to hit if charged
    extra attack now on 6 only
    doesn’t degrade
  • tyrant our lord and savior
    T7 12 wounds -1attack 4++
    synpase 18 inch
  • dakkadevs are 6 shots
  • Zoanthrope group of 6 +3 mortal wound damage on smite
  • Tyrant guard plus 1 attack
  • Genestealers bs4, got flesh hook as option
  • New ability: Infestion -can put 4 nodes in ur own deploy area , if enemy near it , it disappears. u can pop up from any of the 4 nodes as per normal ds/reserve. either or option, lose run and charge but gain 4+ armor save
  • Toxicr same ish \ tox lash are 2ap
  • Tyranofex same ish. \ a spray is 2d6, rupture is 3 strength 10 3ap d6 damage
  • Exocrine same
  • red terror -1 attack -1 wep skill
  • Harpy: point same ish. Heavy venom canon are now d3 S9 Ap2 3damage
  • Tyranocyte: cheaper as Deathspitter cheaper
  • Mawloc: same ish new weapon, bio rattle Strength user, ap1 1 damage, toxinspike, strength 1 d3 damage , always wound on 2 but not on vehicles
  • Stinger salvos are now 24 inches, so that is factored into every existing model that can have them. eg. slight cost increase for everything that has them
  • Crone Lost 1 attack. Tentaclids are now 4 shot.
  • A lot of weapons cost are slightly cheaper and inbuilt into the base cost of units that only can have them.
  • tyrant guard, scything talons are still 0. rending claws are still 2. boneswords are still 4. crushing claws are 12 (yay i guess)
  • carnifexes have a point reduction. exocrines have a minor one. tyrannocyte has a sizeable one too. warriors are still the same. zoanthropes are the same. haruspex has a big one. biovores are the same. the spore mine rules are the same too. hiveguard are either the same or has an inconsequential decrease in points.
  • hive tyrant is now t7, 12W. wings will have deepstrike. has a base 4++. down one attack [to 4]. didnt manage to see the pointage or the wargear options. no idea if monstrous rending claws are still a thing. hive tyrants can still take MRC
  • Swarmlord does still have hive commander, and is t7, 12w, 4++. his blade parry makes it 3++. no other notable change
  • old one eye is is now 9 wounds. 200 pts. hits of 6 generate one additional attack. can be equipped with a scything talons relic that +1s ap-3, 3dmg, +1 attack. uses behemoth warlord trait
  • Neurothrope is now HQ, a character and no longer part of a zoanthrope unit. zoanthropes within 6″ of a neurothrope reroll 1s for psychic tests. the spirit leech thing now only heals 1 wound for a zoanthrope unit withint 6″ neurothrope is cheap. i want to say 45 but i’m not 100% certain.
  • maleceptors deal 3 mortal wounds if we roll a 6 on that weird aoe ability. it knows 2 spells and can cast and deny 2 spells. also t7. also 4++
    maleceptors total pointage including wargear is 172. T7, 12W
  • venomthropes and zoans are still fielded as units of 3 venomthropes when in grp of 3 also affect monsters. when in a grp of 6, the aura becomes 6″.
  • genestealers remain the same. but have an option of getting +1 armour but they lose swift and deadly. (wtf GW)
  • no changes to raveners..
  • tyrannocyte is now 100 pts. 5pts for each deathspitter.
  • exocrine with all wargear is 210 or something like that. minor points decrease
  • tyranofex is 185 pts.  rupture cannon is 47 or 49. rupture cannon profile is heavy 3, s10 ap-3 d6 damage. thats all. no more funky “if it hits both..blablabla”
  • there are now 3 seperate carnifex entries. 1.) Carnifex 2.) Screamer killer 3.) Thornback carnifex including 2x monstrous scything talons clock in total at 83 pts.. the 2 pairs of monstrous scything talons for carnifexes are 15 pts, 1 pair is 14 pts. yes.. i know. dont ask me why.
    there are individual upgrades for basic carnifexes. +1BS, +1 attack on the charge, -1 to hit from enemy shooting. on the charge carnifexes and screamer killers now get +1 WS on top of the current battering ram rule screamer killers come stock with “bio plasmic scream” which is 0 points, 12″ assault 6(not sure on the number), S7 ap-1, 1damage. screamer killers come stock with 2 monstrous scything talons as well. 90 pts in total dont have much info on the thornback other than at the end of combat roll d6 for each enemy unit in combat with it. on 6 deal 1 mortal wound the carnifex biomorpth that gives -1 to hit to enemy shooters does not stack with venomthrope. said biomorph is 10 pts.
  • Carnifex Biomorphs:
    -1 to hit from enemy shooting biomorph is 10 pts
    +1 attack on the charge is 8 pts
    +1 BS is 10 points

Tyranid Haruspex Wal Hor

Tyranid Warlord Traits

Behemoth: Wound roll of 6 in fight phase. that attack +1 dmg
Kraken: 1 friendly kraken unit within 6 of wlt, can fight first in fight phase even without charging
Leviathan : 1 per battle round. you can reroll a single hit/wound/dmg /advance charge or saving throw for the wl.
Gorgon: end of fight phase. roll d6 for every enemy within 1″ of warlord. on 4+, that unit suffer a MW.
Jormungandr: Enemy unit dont gain bonus to saving throw for being in cover by attacks from wl, or friendly Jormungandr units within 3 of wl.
Hydra: Beginning of each of your turn, roll a dice for each wound WL suffered, on a 6, heal.
Kronos: Enemy psyker fail a psychic test within 18 of your wl, they suffer D3 MW

Tyranid Hive Fleet Traits (apply to everything)

Behemoth: reroll failed charges
Kraken: can charge after falling back
Gorgon: reroll 1s to hit for fight phase
jormungandr: always have cover bonus (i’m not sure if i read this right)
hydra: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phase
kronos: reroll 1s to hit for shooting, IF the unit doesnt move
Leviathan: 6+ Feel no pain, does not stack with Catalyst.

26 Tyranid Stratagems

1cp the enemy below (jormungandr)
use strat when jor inf set up, put it undergorund. whenever u set up raveners mawloc trygon or trygon prime. any no of its unit can be set up within the tunnels, 3 inch from burrowing unit ,9 inch away enemy.

1cp brute force (behemoth)
use when benemoth unit complete charge . roll d6 for each behemoth charging model within 1inch of enemy. each roll of 6, 1 MW on enemy unit. 2+ for a behemoth monster charging
(30 man gant charge in, roll d6 for all, on a 6 chuck a mw)

1cp war on all fronts (leviathan)
fight phase. select enemy within 1inch of 1 flying and 1 nonflying leviathan unit. can reroll hits & wound rolls of 1 for levi attacks against the enemy unit

1cp Against Shadow (Kronos)
enemy psyker attempts to cast a spell within 24 inch of kronos unit. that psyker can only use 1 dice for his psyk test.

1cp Hypertoxicity (Gorgon)
fight phase. choose gorgon wiht toxin sac, the biomorph do 1 additional dmg on wounds roll of 5+ instead of 6

2cp Endless Swarm
Select a destroyed unit of gants, horms, garg or any hydra inf unit that has been completely destroyted. Add an identical unit to your army and set it up as reinforcement wholly 6inch of any board edge , more than 9 inch from enemy

1cp Opportunistic Advance
Use in move phase for advancing Kraken unit (noFly units), can double number you roll for advance and add to the move characteristic

3cp Call the Brood
end of move. add a new unit of up to 5 genestealers, wholly within 6 of a brood or infestation node but more than 9 from enemy

3Cp adrenaline surge
end of fight phase. select a nid unit from army, can immediately fight again

2cp Digestive Denial
After deployment but before turn start. choose a piece of terrain othre than fortifciation.
Units fullywithin or on this piece of terrain do not gain any bonus to their saving throws for being in cover…..

Cpt Ventris tyranids


2cp single minded annihilation
end of shoot phase, choose inf unit, shoot again lol (devil gants/hiveguard lol)

1cp grisly feast
morale phase. select ripper or haru. enenemy within 6 inch must add 1 to morale test

2cp pathogenic slime
shooting phase. select nid mon. increase dmg of its attack by for this phase. lol 2dmg dakka flyrant/exo/tyrannofex

3cp sporefield
after both armies deploy, add up 2 unit of spore mines as reinf, more than 12 inch from enemy

1cp invisible hunter
move phase. lictor within 1 inhc of enemy. that model can fall back shoot and charge.

1cp power of the hive mind
end of psyk phase, choose a nid spyker that casted earlier, can cast 1 additional power

1cp pheromone trail
choose when nid inf set up as reinf/reserve. if got lictor on battlefield, you can set up wholly within 6 inch of lictor and more than 9 from enemy

2cp death frenzy
use when nid char die, it can shoot again as if it were shooting phase, or fight again as if fight phase before its removal

1cp overrun
use when nid unit destroys an unit in fight, and not within 3 inch of enemy. that you unit can forgo consolidation, but move and advance as if movement phase but cannot move within 1inch of enemy model

1cp voracious appetite
fight phase, nid mon or character is chosen to fight.can reroll all failed wounds for that model til end of phase

1cp caustic blood
start of fight phase.select nid unit, roll d6 when a model dies, on 6 enemy suffer mw

2cp rapid regen
end of mov, heal d3

1cp scorch bugs
shoot phase
seelect nid, +1 to wound for all feshborer or fleshborer hive attacks

1cp feeder tendrils
when gene lictor toxi venom kills a chara in fight phase, gain d3 cp

1cp implant attack
use aft nid unit fight in fight phase. roll d6 for each wounded enemy model and not slain. 2+ suffer , model suffers a mw

1/3cp bounty of hive fleet
artefact thing

1cp metabolic movement 
use in move , after a nid unit as movemed. you can move that unit again includ advance. however roll a d6 for every model, on a 1 , unit gets a MW. cannot shoot or charge that turn.

tyranids eternal crusade hor wal

If these rumors are true, all the new tidbits look interesting for sure.The Tyranids are really looking like a force to be reckoned with, and an army that just won’t go away.  But, once again, these are just rumors, we don’t know anything for sure yet until GW’s previews start.

Make sure you’re checking back in for more rules teasers, we’ll be putting them out as soon as we get them,

What do you think about the latest rules rumors for the Tyranids? Let us know in the comments below.

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