New Eldar 8th Releases & Savings Breakdown

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Eldar fans get ready, you’re getting a new Start Collecting box! But, will the savings be better than the price of the box? Let’s find out.

In addition to the new Space Marine Super Heavy tank and Tyranid releases, we’re also getting a look at a new Eldar Start Collection box. This also looks to be from the White Dwarf, but we’re unsure if it’s from the October or November issue.

Eldar Start Collecting

Games Workshop has redone the Eldar Start Collecting, and may just be giving us our clues as to what codex they’ll drop next. But how much will you be saving by getting the Start Collecting box? Let’s break it down, assuming GW sticks by there standard $85 price tag.

2017 Start Collecting: Eldar

  • Farseer $20
  • Craftworlds Wraithlord $46.25
  • War Walker $30
  • 5x Wraithguard $50

Total Savings: $61.25

So it looks like the Eldar players out there are getting one amazing deal on the new Start Collecting box! If you’ve been thinking about starting Eldar, or expanding you’re existing army, this is going to be a deal you won’t want to pass up. The new Start Collecting box has changed a little from the old one.

Eldar Start Collecting

We’re no longer seeing the Farseer Skyrunner, a Fire Prism, and 3 Windriders box we’ve known for a while, and it’s not available anymore on the GW store.

We’re also seeing a new rumor appear about the upcoming Eldar releases via Faeit. Make sure you add plenty of salt, we’ve seen rumors redacted within hours of him posting them, time and time again…

needs more salt

There has been several hints about the upcoming releases of late, including a very Eldar possible Rumor Engine teaser and the 40k Facebook page asking us about our favorite Craftworlds. So this rumor although I don’t know any details to help give any credence one way or another to this rumor… Its very possible.

via sources on Faeit 212
I was told Codex Eldar Pre-orders will be next Saturday together with the Eldrad Mini from Death Masque.

This is the Eldrad miniature that Faeit is referring to.

Eldrad Eldar

So we know there is an Eldar Start Collecting box on the way, and, according to the latest rumor from Faeit, we might be seeing the pre-order of the Eldar Codex and Eldrad miniature next week. Once again, as soon as we find out more, or can confirm or deny the latest rumor, we’ll be posting updates as soon as we get them.

What are your thoughts on the new Start Collecting box? Do you think we’ll be seeing the Eldrad mini finally coming out alongside the Eldar codex? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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