New Gamemat Ruins & 2D Terrain On the Table

By Drago | October 11th, 2017 | Categories: Product Review, Terrain, Videos

All new terrain pieces are here to enhance your cinematic table top gaming experience! Check out these amazing new additions to your tabletop collection!

Gamemat.eu is at it again, bringing some amazing new pre-painted tabletop terrain to enhance your gaming experience! Scroll down and press play on the video below to check out the full video review and peak at these amazingly detailed 2D and 3D terrain features.

The Gothic Temple and Gothic Walls are designed to go with the full Gothic Terrain Set and includes fantastic styling and detail within the stonework and statues. These terrain pieces are fully painted and made of extremely durable cast resin. The terrain set is perfect for several games, including Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and others. The Gothic Walls are about 5″ across and 2″ tall, making a perfect addition to the temple as a fortification.

Painted and assembled. Resin material. Ready for play straight out of the box. This wargaming scenery features:

1x Gothic Temple. Measures: 28cm x 28cm x 11cm (highest point). (In inches: 11 x 11 x 4.3)

– very solid and durable resin based material

– highly detailed

Gothic Temple $39

10x Gothic Wall

– 5 types of wall. Each type twice in set. Total 10 pieces.

– each wall lenght 12cm (5inch) and various height up to 6cm (2.5 inch)

Gothic Walls $25


The industrial landing pad is a prepainted, resin cast terrain feature which is the perfect spot to land your flying miniatures and ships, adding great cinematic features to your game table. The pad pairs with the industrial walls set, which comes with 10 resin walls, to set up a more industrial feel to your game.

1x Landing Pad. Measures: diameter around 23cm (9 inch). Height 2,5cm ( 1 inch)

Industrial Landing Pad $35

Industrial Walls $25

The 2D terrain sets add a different flare to your tabletop with three different styles: arctic, meadows, and sand. Each set comes with 16 different pieces of scenery, including a large and small version of each piece. The imagery is well rendered, having great detail including shadows, lichens, rocks, snow pack, straw huts and more! As with the mats, these terrain features do not reflect light and have the 2mm rubber base to prevent slipping. They are also very soft to prevent damage. They fit well with Privateer Press games such as Hordes.

Designed in a close cooperation with SmogCon Warmachine/Hordes tournament organizers.

– Rubber based (mousepad material) 2D terrain pieces

– Set features 16 pieces of scenery

For all these products, plus more available items, head over to Gamemat.eu and browse their online store. Press play on the video below to see the entire unboxing and review of these fantastic new additions to your tabletop game.

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