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There is a HUGE amount of products coming from Games Workshop for the holidays this November. Come see the full list and pricing from the White Dwarf

Checkout the listing and pricing of a staggering array of new products coming soon. They are summarized and pulled from the full gallery of White Dwarf images that have been posted this morning. More descriptions can be found for the products there.

Necromunda Launch:

  • Necromunda $125
  • Necromunda Bases 25mm contains 10 bases) $6.50
  • Necromunda Bases 32mm (contains 10 bases) $6.50
  • Necromunda Goliath Gang $40
  • Necromunda Escher Gang $40
  • Necromunda Goliath Gang Cards $15
  • Necromunda Escher Gang Cards $15


  • Codex Tyranids $40
  • Codex Tyranids Collectors Edition $80
  • Codex Tyranids Datacards $15
  • Start Collecting Tyranids $85

Hobby Supplies:

  • Warhammer 40k Battle Journal $25
  • Age of Sigmar Battle Journal $25
  • Citadel Painting Handle $8
  • Citadel Green Tape Measure $8
  • Citadel Painting Mat $25
  • Citadel Water Pot $8


New Citadel Terrain

  • Promethium Refinery $115
  • Thermic Plasma Conduits $35
  • Thermic Plasma Regulator $25
  • STC Ryza Pattern Ruins $30
  • Citadel of the Everchosen $660
  • Ruins of Elixia 149
  • Outpost Pythos IV $170
  • Hive Shield $210

Cpt Ventris tyranids

Don’t forget too, Tyranids go on pre order this Saturday as well. Here’s the latest from Games Workshop:

The latest announcement from Games Workshop reveals this week’s new releases which includes the Tyranids Codex, terrain, and a new hobby tool. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

New week, you’ll be able to order a Tyranid codex worthy of the might of the Great Devourer, packed with updated rules, new ways to build your army and no fewer than SEVEN Hive Fleet Adaptations – new army-specific rules designed to represent the horrific diversity of the Tyranid swarms.

Preview Oct29 Codex Tyranids 2nd

These Hive Fleet Adaptations will cover the most well known of the Tyranid Hive Fleets – Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathan – as well as developing the background for four more – Gorgon, Jormungandr, Hydra and Kronos. All the adaptions have been designed to be fun, thematic, and powerful; Hydra, for example, can re-roll hits in close combat against units they outnumber (which, with Tyranids, shouldn’t be too tricky!).


This week’s pre-orders are also giving us two new terrain kits, and the release of the new Tyranids codex.

What do you think about the new releases though the holidays? Are you looking forward to anything in particular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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