RUMOR: Plastic Adeptus Arbites Incoming??

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There’s a new rumor floating around, and it looks like Games Workshop is talking about Adeptus Arbites in the upcoming White Dwarf!

The latest rumor was spotted on The Bolter & Chainsword. It shows a very interesting line talking about Adeptus Arbites that is supposedly from the upcoming White Dwarf. Could we be seeing the galactic police force of the Imperium of Man returning to the tabletop?

This is just a rumor, so make sure you add a little salt.


Cyrox on The Bolter & Chainsword had this to say:

In this months White Dwarf, in the Temporal Distort feature on page 132, there is a paragraph that caught my eye:

“.. the Adeptus Arbites haven’t been seen around much lately, but with the likes of Genestealer Cults on the rise again, who knows when they might be back?”

Now, you could say that it’s not much of rumour, but when you combine it with the rumour engine clue from the 26th September, the Eagle head, then it becomes a little more credible.

The Rumor Engine picture he’s talking about is this one:


The Imperium is seeing a big rise of cults popping up all over the place right now, and it would seem they need a police force to keep everyone in line. Who better to police their people than the Adeptus Arbites? After all, they were granted the power of judge, jury, and executioner by the High Lords of Terra.

The last time we saw any minis for the Adeptus Arbites was in the early 2000’s as they were a field-able skirmish force for Specialist Games’ Necromunda.

Is it time for GW to bring them back as we know Necromunda is coming in November.

Arbites Minis

GW Pewter Arbites Circa 2003

But, once again, this is just a rumor, this is all speculation, and we won’t know anything for sure until GW decides it’s time for us to know.

They are the law! What do you think about the latest rumor? Are we going to be seeing the return of the Adeptus Arbites?

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  • BJ Mickle

    I could see this maybe being a new unit in an Inquisition codex. Might be an interesting way to make that codex more of a standalone. I like the idea, at least.

  • Gneecapper

    If this is true, I hope they get tied into an Agents of The Imperium codex, throw in the ministorum stuff in there along with the assassins, the custodes and the SOS. I dont think any of those factions alone are large enough to warrant their own books.

    • Y ddraig gosh

      the custodes could warrant there own codex if they made more stuff for them since they have more than a landraider and contemptor dread they need to release more custode stuff since there the strongest force humanity has

  • Nimrod

    Surely this is just going to be another gang for the upcoming Necromunda release?

    • MrDracoSpirit .

      My thoughts too. Through I not be surprised if they get main games rules at some point.

  • Sara

    GW is on record that every faction from the original Necromunda is getting a release eventually so it’s pretty much a given they’re coming eventually.

    Not necessarily to 40k though.

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