RUMORS: Tyranid Warlord & Hive Fleet Traits Teased

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tyranids swamlord hor wal correctedMore new Tyranid rules are out there on the net, but are they the real thing? Come see the latest on the previews claiming to be from the new codex.

More rumored rules teasers for Codex: Tyranids were spotted over on The Tyranid Hive, and there is a ton of new Warlord and Hive Fleet Traits that were teased. This is just a rumor, so make sure you add plenty of salt.

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Tyranid Warlord Traits

Behemoth: Wound roll of 6 in fight phase. that attack +1 dmg
Kraken: 1 friendly kraken unit within 6 of wlt, can fight first in fight phase even without charging
Leviathan : 1 per battle round. you can reroll a single hit/wound/dmg /advance charge or saving throw for the wl.
Gorgon: end of fight phase. roll d6 for every enemy within 1″ of warlord. on 4+, that unit suffer a MW.
Jormungandr: Enemy unit dont gain bonus to saving throw for being in cover by attacks from wl, or friendly Jormungandr units within 3 of wl.
Hydra: Beginning of each of your turn, roll a dice for each wound WL suffered, on a 6, heal.
Kronos: Enemy psyker fail a psychic test within 18 of your wl, they suffer D3 MW

Tyranid Hive Fleet Traits (apply to everything)

Behemoth: reroll failed charges
Kraken: can charge after falling back
Gorgon: reroll 1s to hit for fight phase
jormungandr: always have cover bonus (i’m not sure if i read this right)
hydra: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phase
kronos: reroll 1s to hit for shooting, IF the unit doesnt move
Leviathan: looks to be the same as salamander tactic but i’m not 100% sure

If these rumors are true, the new traits are making the Tyranids looks just as aggressive as the Stratagems rumors did. The Warlord Traits are giving a very broad spectrum of options for you to take ranging from forcing enemy psykers to take D3 mortal wounds for failed psychic tests, mortal wounds for models within 1″ of your warlord at the end of the fight phase, and even +1 damage for rolling a wound roll of a 6 in the fight phase.

The Tyranids are really looking like a force to be reckoned with, and an army that just won’t go away. These new Warlord and Hive Fleet Traits are extremely aggressive options and we can’t wait to find out more. But, once again, these are just rumors, we don’t know anything for sure yet until GW’s previews start.

Make sure you’re checking back in for more rules teasers, we’ll be putting them out as soon as we get them,

What do you think about the latest Warlord and Hive Fleet Traits teasers for the Tyranids? Let us know in the comments below.

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