Top 5 Army Lists in 8th Edition 40k From SoCal Open

hor of space marine and chaosCome find out the top four army lists from this weekend’s Warhammer 40k Southern California Open Tournament and see who came out on top!
First off kudos to Frontline Gaming did an excellent job running this tournament and helping to keep the hobby safe and enjoyable! There was a couple issues, like unpainted models that were removed, and someone who made it to the top table was disqualified (DQ-ed) because their army was over on points. FLG had to make the hard call for any organizer, and they stuck by their guns. Kudos to you guys.

socal open

Competition was stiff with a lot of top players in the tournament scene clinching the top spots. But, it was Brandon Grant who took home the first place finish with his Astra Militarum list after the big DQ

Let’s take a look at what he ran:

Lists courtesy of Best Coast Pairings

SoCal Open Top 5

2nd Place: David Johansen Alpha Legion

SoCal Open Top 5

3rd Place: Justin Gibbs – Grey Knights

SoCal Open Top 5

4th Place: Raymond Ahumada – YnnariSoCal Open Top 5

5th Place: James Carmona – Alpha Legion

SoCal Open Top 5

This turned out to be a great tournament, and it was no surprise when we saw that the Astra Militarum took home another tournament victory. The top 5 consisted of two Astra Militarum lists, two Chaos lists, and one Ynnari list. Are we starting to see a trend in the meta? Do you think the recent Astra Militarum FAQ will make a dent in any of these Guard armies?

Make sure you check back in with us for the latest tournament coverage and updates.

Once again we’d like to thank the guys over at Frontline Gaming for putting on a great event over the weekend.

mortarion hor

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  • Ben Mason

    If Justin Gibbs was running Grey Knights because he took a supreme command of them behind a conscript + yarrik wall, then that alpha legion list should have been filed under “malefic lord” or “cheeky psychic gits”

    • Brad Arnett

      There were zero conscripts in Justin’s list.

      Probably the worst place you could a Librarian with First to the Fray and 3 Grand Master Dreadknights would be behind a “conscript + yarrik wall”.

      Welcome to 40k!

  • sfPanzer

    Calling that one list a GK list is a joke. Just name it a mixed Imperium list. Similarly the other lists but not to that extend. ^^

  • Adam Deuell

    Hey kinda noticed something. The renegade person cheated. You’re not allow 3 sniper rifles per Marauder squad

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