Toughest Girls in the Galaxy: COSPLAY

Heretics beware, your unmaking is at hand. Enter, the Toughtest Girls of the Galaxy, brought to life through amazing cosplay.

Sallozare, also known as shproton on DeviantArt, has done it again with an amazing new cosplay. Inspired by Raging Heroes and the Adeptus Sororitas from Warhammer: 40,000, this trio of Davidians are very much the toughest girls in the galaxy.

Complete with artifacts, blessed scrolls, and deadly weapons, these ladies are ready to take on any heretic. Heresy runs in fear from these ladies as they bring the wrath of the Emperor down upon everyone.

The amount of detail and attention applied to each level of the costume, from the robes to all the scroll work truly help to bring these ladies to life and fit them into any meta quite well.

Some fantastic cosplay work here and we look forward to seeing more of what they will do! To see more amazing cosplays, take a look at shproton or Sallozare for more galleries and information.

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