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Unit Cards 40kThere’s a new 8th edition update to the Unit Card Creator app out there to help make your next game a little more organized.

The new Unit Cards 40k app on Google Play is sure to help your next game run a little smoother. No more flipping through books to find your unit stat lines, it’s all at the touch of a button now.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots and see what the developers had to say about it.

Unit Cards 40k

You’ve had enough of constantly scroll the effective WH40k special rules and profile values of your units in the codices? Then simply make your own Unit Cards that contain all relevant information plus a picture of the unit.

The output of this app is an image, which you can print in the print shop of your trust and then use in battle.

Unit Cards 40k

– Manage your Warhammer 40k Unit Cards for 7th and 8th edition.
– Personalize your card by selecting many borders and backgrounds.
– Take a picture of your Miniature and position it on the card as you like. Or choose a picture from your gallery.
– Use existing cards as templates to create new cards.
– Available in English and German.

The support for wounds related stats (8th ed.) is still missing, but I am working on that and will release a new version soon. The general support for 8th edition cards has been implemented in the latest version.

Unit Cards 40k

What better way to keep track of your unit’s rules than having an app where you can add every unit in your list, then simply click on a picture to open up, and voila, keep those dice rolling.

There is some manual entry needed at first, but once you have your units added you’re good to go. You can even put in the total points cost for your units to help make those long list building days run a little smoother. Make sure you head over to the Google App Store and download your copy of Unit Cards 40k today.

This new app looks amazing! But, for now, it’s only available in the Google App Store. We don’t know if they have plans on releasing an Apple version, but as soon as we find out we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Do you have a Google device? What do you think about the new app? We’d love to hear what you have to say, let us know in the comments below.

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