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Thunderhawks walpaper1 Forge WorldTony Cortell from Forge World was on Warhammer TV today showing off new models, t-shirts, and more that are all on their way soon.

The latest preview from Forge World took place on Warhammer TV just moments ago. Tony Cortell was happy to show off a lot of new stuff from his mystery box that we can expect to see in the near future. Let’s kick off the previews with the size comparison of the new Super-heavy Tank.

Forge World Twitch Preview

The new Astraeus Super-heavy Tank is absolutely humongous compared to the Repulsor (7″x4″) and the Rhino (3″x5″). With that much resin in one model you can expect the price to match.

The Astraeus Super-heavy Tank wasn’t the only thing he showed off though. We also got a look at some of the new Red Scorpion models.

Forge World Twitch Preview Forge World Twitch Preview

The new Red Scorpions Leviathan Dreadnought, Chapter Master Carab Cullin, and Captain Casan Sabius were also previewed. All of these models should be released within the next couple of months.

The Space Wolves are also due to get new miniatures as well.

Forge World Twitch Preview

This little guy was shown off, and it looks like there’s going to be a set of Space Wolves wearing Cataphractii armor.

But what about the new Horus Heresy rulebook?

Forge World Twitch Preview

The book is fully complete and Tony was happy to hold up the final copy. He quickly flipped through it stating that it was complete, he doesn’t have a hard cover of it yet, but it is at the printers, and we should be seeing it sometime next month.

Tony also announced that there will be two new primarch models on the way sometime next year, but would not say which ones they would be. We’re still missing Rogal Dorn, Saguinius, Alpharius, Khan, and Lion ‘El Johnson.

In addition to the two new primarchs we’re also going to be seeing the new Horus Heresy: Angelus book sometime next year. The book features rules for Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Night Lords, Dark Mechanicum, and Daemon units.

This turned out to be a great preview. They showed off some other items like new t-shirts, an eldar coffee mug, and 3D printed Bolter that was scaled to human size. The t-shirts and mug will be available at Warhammer World, but the 3D printed bolter was just a demo, and if there’s enough demand for it they’ll consider making a sellable kit.

One of the viewers asked about the Khorne Dragon we’ve seen on display at the Forge World events. Tony was pleased to let us know that is was complete, they had to make sure everything on it was perfect, a couple small adjustments for the rider, and it should be available the first part of next year.

What do you think about the latest preview from Forge World? Are you looking forward to any of the minis they showed off? Let us know in the comments below.

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