Aim High: Kromlech Orc Green Baron

This Orc just received a promotion from Kromlech! Now he is dubbed the Great Green Baron. Need an Orc leader for your army? Look no further. 

Orc Green Baron $9.94

This set contains one resin Orc Green Baron pilot miniature with plastic 25mm base. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames. Resin base from pictures is not included.

This Orc Baron would be the perfect Nob for an Ork army with an Imperial Guard theme. Just don;t ask them wheere they got the uniforms!

I’z in charge now!

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About Barclay Montgomery

I'm a weird guy wargamer and hobby enthusiast. I'm like the Thing, I can take many forms. I could be a bounty hunter looking for Rebel prey, a commander of an Imperial fleet, or the Hive Mind of the Great Devourer of Worlds.

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