AVP Armoured Personal Carrier: Unboxing

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The hunt begins! Escape or enter the fray of battle with the new Armoured Personnel Carrier to battle the forces of Predators and Xenomorphs

Prodos Games has released the M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier for the Aliens vs. Predator game, giving humans a rapid deployment vehicle that is very similar to what we have seen in the movie Aliens. To see the entire kit and review, scroll down and press play on the video below!

This resin kit is very similar to the APC seen in Aliens, and just as detailed, including the interior. Inside the cab is the driver, gunner, and tactical operations center. Unfortunately, the APC does not fit inside the dropship from the AVP series. Movie magic did not work for the miniatures in this case.

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The pieces snap together with a unique snap system, though the pieces do require some trimming prior to assembly. There are many different details inside the cab, including places for nerve gas and rifle racks. The driver locks into position with the gunner behind. The gunner’s heads-up display locks into the wall. Eac piece does require cleanup but the pieces lock together extremely easily and fairly seamlessly otherwise. The Gatling turret on top slides along a track on top for mobility and positioning.

avp apc 2Size wise, the APC is 3″ wide and about as long as a Leman Russ tank with trench rails. For the size, the vehicle is rather big and true to the movie. For the AVP game, the vehicle comes with updated 2nd edition rules and takes up one full board tile.

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The M577 is designed to be a multi-role vehicle. Despite being well-armed and armoured, this lightweight vehicle can be deployed rapidly into any theatre of war. Its hull is comprised of sheets of bonded titanium able to withstand conventional ballistics, as well as laser and plasma fire. Its only real weakness is when confronted by dedicated anti-tank weaponry. It employs a sophisticated sensor array which assists ground troops to be more efficient with their tactics, relaying battlefield info to the ground commanders over their headsets.

The weaponry of the M577 can make it a very dangerous foe to get close to. On the top of it is a retractable Boyars PARS-150 phased plasma cannon turret. The barrels on this thermal kinetic cannon alternate their fire so as to not overheat, allowing the weapon to blast its enemies continuously if need be. A Republic Electric RE700 20mm gatling cannon is mounted in the front of the vehicle, which is able to switch between caseless HEAP rounds and what is affectionately known as “Beehive” Anti-Personnel Flechettes. Finally, it is also armed with an automatic light mortar which is mounted on the roof of the carrier to be used against foes that have dug into tough defensive positions.

The interior is very roomy and in addition to the driver and section commander, it can also carry weapons and other stowage, as well as up to thirteen additional personnel in yoke harnesses restraints, allowing for it to be used in orbital combat drops when carried by a UD-4L Dropship.

For more Alien vs Predator products and game information, check out Prodos Games. For the entire unboxing and review, as well as some comparisons between unpainted and painted versions of the pieces, press play on the video below!

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