Beginner’s Guide: Painting Tabards, Banners & Purity Seals

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Beginners Guide To Painting: Tabards, Banners & Purity Seals

Final details on a model can make all the difference, such as making sure banners and tabards are perfect. These simple techniques can make the difference!

Painting up Vandus Hammerhand is great practice for painting banners, tabards, and purity seals on other models. Vandus Hammerhand has great options for styles, including skin, capes, scales, and now tabards.

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For the entire step-by-step tutorial, be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below!

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First step for painting is applying a base coat. Zandri Dust by Games Workshop is a great base coat for starting leather, tabards, capes, and any cloth on models. Always apply in thin coats over whatever primer or other paint is already on your model. After the base coat is dry and set on all of the banners, the wash is applied to help bring out the detail on the banners. The wash consists of one part Agrarx Earthshade, one part Nuln Oil, and three parts Seraphim Sepia. Mix these really well then apply it over the Zandri Dust. Using a chisel brush will allow you to work the angles better, helping to prevent the wash from going into places you don’t want (like metals).

dragoncat 3When the wash is dry, you can see all the different cracks and crevices. Sometimes, a second coat of wash is needed to really help bring out the details and shadows. Zandri Dust is brought back in to bring out some highlights on some of the flat surfaces and edges, setting up for highlights. Be careful when applying this and stay out of the cracks and crevices. Adding in the base coat will add a huge contrast.

Next, edge highlighting with Menoth White Base by P3 will really bring out the details in each part of the banners. When getting the edge highlighting going, don’t load the brush with too much paint or the highlight will be too thick and take away from some of the effect. Drag the edge of the brush along the edge of the banner to create the nice, thin line along the edge and really get the highlight popping. For areas that are too thin or small to use the edge of the brush, use the edge of the brush and pull the paint towards you to get a good line. Don’t be afraid to use the finger eraser when needed!

dragoncat 4Tidy up lines with Zandri Dust as needed when the Menoth White Base gets a bit too thick. Over all, adding in the detail work brings a great pop to all tabards, flags, banners, and other cloth that has details and letters. This three step paint workup is quick and easy, plus can be applied to many different accessories.

To take a look at the entire process, be sure to press play on the video below!

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