Cast Rivets For Your Conversions: Mold Review

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Add some great detail to models, bases, and terrain by creating your very own rivets with this simple, easy to use silicone mold.

Green Stuff World’s two piece rivet mold is really great for creating a lot of different sizes and shapes of rivets, which are perfect for adding details to a lot of different types of models. The molds have the option of creating 20 different rivets in various shapes and sizes.

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Prior to using the molds, always add lubrication to allow for release of the finished product. Green Stuff World recommends using sculpter petroleum jelly, though hand soap can be used, as well as talc powder. Using Apoxie Sculpt, Milliput putty, clay, or other sculpting product, press them into the molds and press in by rolling a small, flat, lubricated rolling pin over the top to be sure the entire mold is filled. After, cut the excess off the top and allow to cure. Then, they will be able to be popped out by pulling back the rubber. The rivets have neat little detail with studs, hex bolts, screw heads, and other different shapes as well.

Silicone molds – RIVETS 12,00 €

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Made of high quality foodgrade silicone, easy to use and intricately cut for great impressions, these molds are heat resistant and durable. The molds are extra deep to give highly detailed beautiful results for both dimensional design and surface imprinting. Each mold has a large surface area, measuring approximately 2,5×5 inches (6x12cm), and is unmounted for optimal usability.
These flexible molds will allow you to create endless amounts of rivets valid for almost all scales.Heat resistant rubber up to 240ºC. Contains 2 molds with 4 rivets in 5 different sizes (2’5, 2, 1’5, 1 and 0’75mm)

Overall, these molds provide a great tool to customize models and add some interesting detail. Stop on by Green Stuff World to see other great products and options for customizing models, bases, and terrain. For the review, press play on the video below!

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