Code Name Tyson: Nercomunda Punk & Hamster?

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tyson tatoo
Checkout this conversion for FRAG! the board game by Steve Jackson, which is starting to look a lot like the new Necromunda as well.

For those of you not familiar with it there is an board game out there that emulates a first person shooter, which from the top down looks a lot like the newest version of Necromunda too.

It pretty much combines the play of 40k with the ridiculousness of Duke Nukem, and makes for a lot of fun. The game is called FRAG! and it’s AWESOME.

The one part it is lacking in however is miniatures, and that is where we come in. Back in the day we kicked off a FRAG! league ourselves and the stipulation was that you must have your own custom figure to play.


His name is Tyson, and I’ll im sure it will hit you as to why in a second, and yes he is shooting an explosive hamster round lol.

I especially like the punky Necromunda theme to the model, but the best part about this figure IMHO is that there is a ton of bits used make this baby.

I lost count twice, but for completeness sake I’ll try to list them all for you. He is also mounted on a custom destroyed asphalt base.

  • Chaos Heavy Bolter
  • Ravenwing Assault Cannon
  • Chainsword
  • Ork Iron Sight
  • Ork ejecting brass
  • Maruder Shoulder Pads x2
  • Flamer
  • Melta Bomb
  • Chaos Marine Legs
  • Marine Torso
  • Space Wolf Head
  • Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter Armor Plate
  • Frag Grenades
  • Combat Knife
  • Holstered Bolt Pistol
  • Spikey Bits
  • and of course High Explosive Hamster Round


Why yes that is a facial tattoo, thanks!


What do you have dreamed up for your games of Necromunda this holiday?

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