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Genestealer CultWe’re getting a look at a picture today that shows, what appears to be, a new Genestealer Cults Battleforce box. Come take a look!

It looks like Genestealer Cults might be getting a Battleforce box this Christmas season. The latest rumor on Bolter & Chainsword shows the new Battleforce box in what looks like a catalog or magazine.

Genestealer Cult

Jimbo1701  made one prediction as to the contents, and it seems pretty close to us.

32 models. Would make sense to be:

20 neophytes
5 acolytes
1 primus
1 patriarch
1 magus
2 familiars
1 iconward
1 Goliath

For $170 USD this seems like a really good deal for Genestealer Cults fans out there. But, this is just a rumor and we can’t confirm or deny that this will be available in time for Christmas, or where this image was actually taken from. The odd layout is sticking by the Christmas catalog style, and not so much the White Dwarf, but you can be the judge on this one.

This is just one of the rumored Christmas bundles we’ve seen lately… Let’s take a look at the other bundles from the Christmas catalog and see how much you’re actually saving by picking them up.christmas bundles holiday games workshop citadel 2017 (2)

Hot on the heals of the new Citadel Christmas Catalog offeringsWell of Eternity’s  revealed what looks to be this years battleforce bundles on their Facebook page.



Multiple retailers have also confirmed the following prices for last week for the current pre-orders on GW’s site:
Citadel Christmas

Citadel of the Everchosen

Prices $660, £400, €560 
2 Chaos Dreadhold Helforts $290 Each
4 Chaos Dreadhold Skull Keeps $75 Each
Total Cost: $880
Total Savings: $120 approx 25% deal

Sector Mechanicus Hive Shield

Prices $206, £125, €175
2 Voidshield Generators $100 Each
1 Haemotrope Reactor $40
1 Promethium Relay Pipes $37
Total Cost: $277
Total Savings: $71 approx 25% deal

Outpost Pythos IV

Prices $165, £100, €140
1 Deathworld Forest $130
1 Munitorum Armoured Containers $50
1 Imperial Bastion $41.25
Total Cost: $ $221.25
Total Savings: $56.25 approx 25% deal

Ruins of Elixia

Prices $149, £90, €126
1 Baleful Realmgates $58
1 Numinous Occulum $60
1 Ophidian Archway $40
1 Dragonfate Dais $50
Total Cost: $208
Total Savings: $59  approx 28% deal

Citadel Christmas

Due to the different prices of paints (metallics tend to cost more) we used the most common price that appeared as the price per paint. Actual savings will be a little more than shown, and these are just approximate savings.

Base and Shade Paint Set

Prices $206, £125, €175
47 paints
35 Base Paints $4.25 Each
12 shade Paints $7.50 Each
Total Cost: $238.75
Total Savings: $32.75 

Base and Effects Paint Set

Prices $206, £400, €560
11 Texture Paints $7.50 Each
10 Technical Paints $4.25 Each
AoS Bases $35
40k Bases $35
Mordheim Turf $15
Middenland Tufts $15
Total Cost: $225
Total Savings: $19

Project Paint Set

Prices $206, £125, €175
49 Paints
8 Shade Paints $7.50 Each
11 Base Paints $4.25 Each
10 Dry Paints $4.25 Each
20 Layer Paints $4.25 Each
Total Cost: $234
Total Savings: $28

Layer Paint Set
Prices $248, £150, €210
72 Layer Paints $4.25 Each
Total Cost: $306
Total Savings: $58

Air Paint Set
Prices $206, £125, €175
52 Air paints $4.25 Each
Total Cost: $221
Total Savings: $15




Now there seems to have been  a pretty mixed response to these bundles, but remember too we can only assume that they will be coming out this month as they are in the November White Dwarf. We also know that by GW’s count there are still two codex books and Chapter Approved to be released in 2017 as well.

wrath of magnusLast year around the beginning of December we saw Wrath of Magnus drop, so it’s possible Games Workshop could repeat the same sort of release with Chapter Approved again this year as well.

Do you think we’ll even see a new primarch in 2017?

RumourEngine Oct31

All in all this year’s catalog is looking packed with tons of great deals to save you money this holiday season. There’s so many choices to meet your current needs. Makes sure you check back in with us as we get closer to the holiday season for updated prices and pictures of hopefully even more deals coming our way.

What do you think about the latest Citadel Christmas Catalog? Is there anything you’re planning on picking up for the hobbyist in your life? Or are you planning on treating yourself to a little something extra? Let us know in the comments below.

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