Golden Demon Showcase: Blood Angels vs Tyranids

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Blood angels wal hor

Take a moment to appreciate this epic battle taking place as the Tyranids threaten to overwhelm in Jarhead’s Slayer Sword winning 2013 entry!

Do you remember this retro showcase from yesteryear titled the Last Light?

last light blood angels slayer sword massive voodoo roman lappart golden demon

Painted by Roman “Jarhead” Lappart it is still listed as for sale even!

The work on this diorama took my summer 2013 away.
Three months of work, over 450 hours, 127 figures and a story about hope being told here. In the end I was happy to win Gold in Games Day Germany diorama category and the german Slayer Sword.

Project year: 2013
Working time on the project: 480 hours.
Miniatures by Games Workshop, scale: 28 mm. Plastic and White Metal, scratchbuild base, on display diorama plinth.
127 Miniatures on the base with delicate conversion work.

Games Day Germany, 2013, Slayersword.
Duke of Bavaria 2016 – Best of Diorama.

TLL-02 TLL-03 TLL-04 TLL-01 TLL-00


Amazing work Roman! Be sure to checkout the in-depth feature on how he made it over on Massive Voodoo.

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