GW Reveals 14 Strats & Traits For Chapter Approved

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space marine wal hor wideDon’t miss 14 new 8th Edition 40k Stratagems and traits that were just spoiled by Games Workshop on today on their live stream.

Martin from Warhammer Community sat down with Robin Cruddace to discuss the Chapter Approved book, and some sneak peaks into each faction’s new rules!

The Warhammer Community team has previewed more from their Chapter Approved book via Twitch broadcast.

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Open Play

Apocalypse games can be fun but organizing them are more difficult and daunting. The Apocalypse section goes into tips and advice in how to organize these games and set them up. The section goes into three ways of playing, different deployments, and even goes into how to set up an apoc game on two different tables! The section of the book goes into inspiring the events and how to enjoy the spectacle of the apocalypse game.

Design Your Own: Land Raiders section is for open play, not matched play compliant, but is something that is to be fun and inspiring for conversions. The Design Your Own is to be fun for everyone. More Design Your Own may come soon in future Chapter Approved books, or other.

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Narrative Play

The narrative play expansions give attacker vs defender game feels without having separate books for each different type. These can have entire new warlord traits, as well as stratagems and detachments for specifically attackers and defenders. These narrative play detachments add new command points into the pool as well to use those specific stratagems, rather than using the limited pool that the army already had access to for their current stratagems. For example, planet strike detachment gives +5 CP only for planet strike stratagems. There are six classic planet strike stratagems, updated for this edition, to tell the new story as well as ways to set up the battlefield. Newly, stronghold assault brings more missions, traits, and narrative play. The narrative play missions can be played individually or in sequence for an entire campaign.

Matched Play

Chapter Approved brings four new rules, to add to the three in the core rule book.

  • Under strength Support: under strength unit goes to auxiliary support detachment, paying a command point to use them.
  • Targeting characters: defines visibility of characters and what the closest visible model means.
  • Limits of command: defines what kind of dice rolls you can use command rerolls on (not on if the game continues or on seize initiative rolls). The final one was previewed already, which is Boots on the Ground.

Six eternal war and six maelstrom missions are coming in as well, to mix up victory conditions to include progressive earning, unit type conditions, and and more. Custom objective markers are also talked about, including how to customize them for maelstrom games.

Faction Rules

11 Factions Chapter ApprovedEach faction without a Codex, or at least one that will be released in the next few weeks, gets a bit of their own rules in the Chapter Approved book. Each of these armies will get at least one Warlord Trait, one Stratagem, and one Relic, if not more plus the possibility of new rules for them. The Community Team previewed some of these on the Twitch stream, listed here:

  • Adepta Sororitas:
    • Warlord Trait: Inspiring Aura: increase leadership
    • Stratagem: Martyrdom: If a character dies, you can immediately do an Act of Faith.
  • Deathwatch
    • Stratagem: Clavus – Wargear stratagem to use in the fight phase on a vehicle. Roll a D6 and on a 2+, the vehicle suffers D3 mortal wounds
  • Druhkari
    • Stratagem: Webway Assault: Put units into deep strike
  • Genestealer Cults
    • Stratagem: Return to the Shadows: Pick a unit and put them back into cult ambush
  • Harlequins
    • Stratagem: Prismatic Blur: Increases invulnerable save to a 3+ when advancing
    • Also have Webway Assault
  • Imperial Knights
    • Warlord Trait: gives +1 attack
    • Stratagem: Rotate Shield: gives +1 to invulnerable save



  • Necrons
    • Stratagem: Repair Subroutines: Pick a Canoptek unit, it receives Reanimation Protocols for this turn
  • Orks
    • Relic: Headwalkers Kill Choppa: +1 strength, -2 AP, D3 Mortal Wounds
  • Space Wolves
    • Warlord Trait: allows wolves to fight first even when they didn’t charge
  • T’au
    • Stratagem: for 1 CP, when hit by a Markerlight, place two Markerlights instead of one
  • Thousand Sons
    • Psykic Power: Tzeench’s Firestorm: Manifests on a 7, pick a unit within 18″ and roll nine dice. Each roll of a six is a mortal wound.

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The appendix of Chapter Approved goes into Battlezones, Emperic Storms, Ladder campaigns, and points changes. Battlezones offer new stratagems and zones to play the game. Emperic Storms offer a random effect element to the game, simulating fighting battles in or near warp storms. Ladder campaigns offer new ways to set up campaigns in store or with groups. Points changes involve both increases and decreases to come points in books that have been out for a while.

If the unit or item is not listed, there are no point changes. This includes Harlequin’s Kiss (9 points), Plague Marines (70 points / 5 model), and Malanthropes (140 points).

That’s the current update for Chapter Approved. What do you think of all the changes GW just previewed?

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