How Do You Paint Your Miniatures? Cosplay

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ocd painting miniatures

There is no right or wrong way to paint miniatures. Checkout this crazy Space Marine Salamander cosplay from OCD Creations.

The artist has a facebook page over at Obsessive Creative Disorder which highlights a lot of his past and current, also very amazing projects, which goes into detail about his projects; certainly worth a click through.

slamander copy

Tyranids about town? Call the Space Marines!



The Mechanicum Comes For Your Cosplay!

Motorized Cosplay: Chain-Axe of Khorne Rocks!

By popular demand, due to his success with chainswords, the chain axe took off in creation, the plan coming to fruition through trial and error. Through mechanical design, improving the motor mechanism, and pressing on through errors that arose, the chain axe that was borne would bring great pleasure to any World Eater  (or other chaos marines), as well as Khorne himself.

Visit Obsessive Creative Disorder for more amazing cosplay products (and humor)!

kharnObsessive Creative Disorder

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