BREAKING Chapter Approved Spoilers: FAQs & Smite

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Martin from Warhammer Community sat down with Pete Foley on Twitch to discuss Chapter Approved, Here’s some huge spoilers that have dropped already.

The Chapter Approved book is the Warhammer 40,000 equivalent of the AoS General’s Handbook, offering a yearly supplement to re-balance different aspects of the game, add new content, remove the 4-5 year cycle of codices, and offers new ways to try out new rules and scenarios. The scenarios are fitting for both matched play at narrative play, giving all players a new way to enjoy the game.

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Scenery may be expanded on during Chapter Approved as well. Scenery rules are not core mechanics and were designed to have layers of rules to adjust in the future. This includes in FAQs and future Chapter Approved volumes.

(Editor’s note: We have been preaching since the dawn of 8th that the overwhelming advantage of going first can possibly be balanced with a LOS blocking or “levels” mechanic terrain tweek)

Apocalypse is getting some love in Chapter Approved. This includes guides on how to organize games, how to deploy, rules for Apoc and Apoc specific missions, narratives, and more.

11 Factions Chapter Approved

This version of Chapter Approved will also give new rules to Index armies, those still sadly waiting for their codex. Each of these will get a Warlord Trait, Relic, and a few Stratagems that will also be in their Codex later. There will be some hobby content as well, including the custom vehicles VDR for Open Play games.

Some new updates coming down the grape vine for the future of FAQs as well. FAQs will be released two times per year to balance the factions and add clarity to rules. The March FAQ will be after the Adepticon tournaments and the September FAQs will be after NoVA.

The timing of these is to fit with the tournament cycles and allow players time to implement them for the next round of GT’s. In this coming March’s FAQ, Pete has promised that Smite will be addressed during the balance update, though no hints as what the changes will be.

More information will be coming soon from the Warhammer Community team regarding Chapter Approved and the content within.

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