Nurgle Death Marsh Bases: Resin REVIEW

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Custom bases help bring your miniatures to life even more than their paint job does. The Death Marsh bases are a great way to bring about that special look.

Elrik’s Hobbies has released their new resin Death Marsh bases. The bases come in various sizes and shapes, which are great for fitting with any model and army. To see the entire video review of these bases, be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below!

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The Death Marsh basehas about eighteen different options, including 60mm round, 100mm round, 25mm and 32mm rounds, and ovals in various sizes, including up to the knight titan sized bases. Cost-wise, the bases range in price from $9.50 for ten 25mm, $6.50 for five 40mm round, and $11.50 for a 170mmx105mm knight titan base. If you purchase the built in bundle that includes one set of each base for $118.40, you will save almost $30 rather than purchasing separately.

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Each base has different textures and crannies for some awesome liquid effects. There are tentacles, snakes, worms, body parts, torsos, mosses, rocks, skulls, and more. The amount of detail within the base is fantastic, with larger bases full of even more details and surprise bits to find while painting. The 32mm bases have raised spots for your miniatures, with quite a bit of the detail down towards the bottom of the base. The honeycomb pustule effects, paired with the rotted surface on the top, make some fantastic opportunities for contrast.

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Painted by Elrik’s Painting

The bases look great even when not painted in the Nurgle style. Combine with greys, whites, a little snow effect, and some water effects, the bases look fantastic as a snowy battleground setting that is complete with battle damage. There are many great opportunities to use these for all sorts of paint schemes.

Overall, these bases are very versatile and can work with many different effects. Elrik’s quality casts and great designs lead to some great ways to customize your bases and make your minis look absolutely amazing! You can find the Death Marsh over on Elrik’s Hobbies Store, and to see these bases up close, be sure to press play on the video below!

Product provided for review by Elrik’s Hobbies

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