Kill Aliens, Get Power Ups: Chronicle X Kickstarter

Earth is under attack, as heroes rise against the alien forces to defend theit lands! Take a look at the newest board game to hit Kickstarter: Chronicle X.

Archon Studios has a new Kickstarter coming up titled Chronicle X. It’s a board games that looks to combine a lot of elements of X-COM, Zombicide, Heroclix and more!

This new offering from Archon has some great miniatures that may be great on the tabletop as well. Take a look at this quick preview by scrolling down and pressing play on the video below!

chronicle x

Archon Studio Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Chronicle X

Archon Studio’s next exciting new tactical assault board game, Chronicle X, will
launch on Kickstarter on December 18, 2017. Chronicle X is designed for 2-7 players
and includes the ultra-detailed miniatures and high-quality components Archon
Studio has become known for. In Chronicle X, one player takes on the role of the
dreaded Overmind, high leader of an army of alien invaders known only as “the
Grays.” The remaining players feld members of Chronicle X, a diverse group of
skilled individuals determined to save their planet against this new alien threat.
The story of Chronicle X begins after humanity has lost control of Earth. The Grays,
an alien species of spies and assassins, crippled the world’s governments, militaries
and infrastructure before striking a decisive blow in the form of a full-scale invasion
across the planet. All that remains to challenge the Grays is a small group of
soldiers, scientists and terrorists known as Chronicle X. Can Chronicle X push back
this alien onslaught and save humanity, or will the Grays’ tighten their grasp and

Earth be lost forever?

Each mission the members of Chronicle X complete will fll their cofers with alien
artifacts and raw materials they can bring back to their hidden base. These
materials will allow them to expand their base, unlocking new passives and abilities
as well as allowing them to craft superior weapons and equipment. However, the
Overmind’s threat grows across the world as the campaign progresses, allowing the
Grays to feld more powerful and deadly alien soldiers and creatures, ensuring
Chronicle X’s task will never be easy.

The Chronicle X Kickstarter campaign will begin at on
December 18, 2017. More information about the game, including miniature and
gameplay previews, can be found at

Archon Studio is a fast-growing company specializing in the design and production
of miniature board games. In its short lifetime, Archon Studio has helped more than
a dozen Kickstarter projects come to life by providing manufacturing and other
services and products to companies. In 2016, the company began creating its own
games, beginning with League of Ancient Defenders (LOAD) and following up with
Vanguard of War (VoW).

archon chronicle x game

First off the cards for each character show different weapons and abilities that may change over time. The game itself comes with the rulebook, six gameboard tiles, a world map, six hero cards, 20 mission cards, 10 base of operation cards, six hero dials, 65 various tokens, eight combat dice, and 90 recourse, item, and upgrade cards.


For the Miniatures, the game itself includes six characters, fifteen Grey Aliens, three Alien Beasts, two Alien Commanders, and two Psi Aliens.

Pledging with the Kickstarter will also include a specialty hero.

archon chronicle x

Each human miniature has a unique name and are reminiscent of heroes we’ve seen in sci-fi movies of the past. Each miniature is a single piece, requiring no assembly, and can paint up quite easily. They are 32mm scale. Each miniature has great detail on the character piece and the base itself. The poses are dynamic, the bases have great detail and lots of fun items to spot. Even the barrel is drilled out on the sniper rifle!

archon chronicle x aliens

The character cards themselves have different stats, which looks to include health, defense, weapon shots, what symbols to roll, attack values, abilities, and behaviors. The character models can somehow level up during the game, have different abilities, and various stats as well. Overall, looks to be interesting as things develop.

archon chronicle x aliens 2

This Kickstarter project is said to go live on December 18, 2017. Stay tuned for more information and the link so you can see the information for yourself!

archon chronicle x preview

To see the our preview of the games figures, be sure to press play on the video below!

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