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Games Workshop just gave us more clues as to what the Malign Portents is going to bring with it for Age of Sigmar. Come check it out.

Age of Sigmar is going to be getting really dark with the release of Malign Portents coming next year. Games Workshop just dropped a new teaser showing us three things this means for AoS.

malign portents

The age of hope is dead and GW is making sure we know it with the AoS logo getting all little more dark and gloomy. We’re also going to be seeing the rise of the Knight of Shrouds, a new Nighthaunt hero, and the Chaos Gods have appointed a new champion, Darkoath Warqueen.

We got the announcement of Malign Portents back in August when they dropped this teaser video on us.

That’s also when we got our first look at the Knight of Shrouds.

Knight of Shrouds Malign Portents AoS


And Darkoath Warqueen, the newly appointed Chaos champion.

BG Seminar Nov3 Warqueen Chaos

If you remember the Darkoath Chieftain from Warhammer Quest Silver Tower, this warrior woman is his boss – although unlike standard bosses, she’s more likely to deal with sub-par performance by ripping someone’s throat out with her teeth instead of giving them a 5 point list of actions to improve on (unless those actions are “tear the hearts from your enemies” and “despoil the realms in the name of the dark gods” and so on).

So far this is everything we’ve seen and know about the Malign Portents, and we can’t wait to find out more. Just how dark will Age of Sigmar be getting? You’ll have to check back in with us to find out, we’ll be putting out updates as soon as we get them.

What do you think about Malign Portents? Are you looking for to AoS becoming a little more grim? Let us know in the comments below.

Age of Sigmar Malign Portents

Age of Sigmar Malign Portents Latest

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  • Tim

    So what exactly is going on? A new quest like Silver Tower or a game like Shadespire? So much being in the dark hard to get overly-excited about it. However, the new pieces look amazing as expected with GW.

    • William Crouse

      They got all this “Malign Portents” advertisement.. whats the product?

      • Stacy Cooper

        They’re still teasing it. Other than the preview of the champions and the trailer, they haven’t put anything solid out yet in terms of product.

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