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dark angel ancient dbc frontThe Primaris Ancient seeks to inspire his fellow Dark Angels in battle. What better way than with an amazing custom banner, hoisted high overhead?

Dark Bunny Creatives have done it again, painting up an amazing Dark Angels Primaris Ancient.

dark angel ancient dbc

The base itself has Chaos pieces and trophy rack, giving the scenic base a battlefield look. On the Primaris himself, the shoulder pads have freehand chapter symbol and first legion heraldry. The paint job has a lot of attention to detail, including placement of highlights and applying age marks and dirt to the right places to give the Dark Angel a realistic feel. All the paints are very vibrant as well. Each addition looks right at home on the model itself.

primaris ancient up close

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The banner itself is definitely the focal point of the entire model, with an amazing freehand portrait that looks clean and ready to inspire others on the battlefield. There is a ton detail used on the banner and miniature, including the top of the standard converted to indicate the first legion among others.

primaris ancient

In combat, the Primaris Ancient isn’t too shabby, using the banner to add one to their own leadership. The banner can also inspire units around him in combat, for when any Infantry model is destroyed within 6″ of the ancient, there is a chance it makes one last shooting or close combat attack before being removed from combat. On top of that, the Primaris Ancient has a Bolt pistol, rifle, Frag grenade, and Krak grenade. In terms of inspiring others, he makes a great addition to the table and as the centerpiece to an army.

You can also enter to win this very model until December 29th 2017 below:

Dark Angels Banner

For more information about Dark Bunny Creatives, and how to get your own customized models from them, check out their website, and like them on Facebook.

Check out the close up of the miniature, as well as a preview of Dark Bunny Creatives’ website, by pressing play on the video below!

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