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How did it affect YOUR army? Check out the top points changes to 40k from Chapter Approved that was just spotted and our thoughts the DLC aspect of the book

Will there ever be a new main rulebook released again for Warhammer 40,000?

Today we’re getting a look at a pretty decent list of the top points updates from the upcoming Chapter Approved book. Plus hear our thoughts on the “DLC” nature of the overall changes to the game, screen shots of the changes next to each other:

Let’s take a look at the latest breakdown courtesy of Matt over on 3++.

Points pictures are here! Let’s take a quick look, impacts at bottom of post.

So the points rumors floating around seem to be accurate. So major changes… (updating as I go; updated with clearer pictures):

Chappter Approved Point Changes (1)

Stormraven up 20 points;
Exorcist down 25 points;
Celestine up 50 points but her babies are down 25 points each (so whole unit is the same price);
Repressors are base 91 points (so up 20 points);
AdMech have some points decreases – Breachers / Destroyers down 5, Priests down 1, Dominus down 10, Enginseer down 5, Infiltrators down 2, Rangers down 1 and Vanguard down 1;
Cawl went down 10 points (despite Warhammer Community saying he went up…);
Conscripts are up 1 point – I think that ends that yes?;
Manticore is up 10 points;
Primaris Psykers are up 10 points (still dirt cheap);
Astropath up 15;
Taurox up 10 points and Taurox Prime up 15 along with Hot Shot Volley Guns increasing by 1 point and the Taurox Gatling Cannon going up 2 points;
Meltagun prices went up 5 points on 3+ to hit models for AM;
Command Rod now costs 5 points;
Wyverns up 10 points;
Ratlings up two points each;
Power Fist down 2 points to 8;
Vanquisher Cannon down 5 points;
Autocannons down 3 points! (for AM);
Twin Psycannon went up 22 points!?!?!?;
Malefic Lords as we know went up to 80 points;
Y’vahra thankfully seems to have been left alone;
Malanthrope up to 140 points *puts on shelf*;
Barbed Hierodule went up 40 points;
Supremacy Armour doubled to 1500 points…;
Gauss Pylon went up 75 points;
Night Shroud went down 50 points;
Shadow Spectres were removed from the plane of playability with their Rifles / Blasters going up by 10 points (okay they still are not bad but they are not criminally cheap now);

We’re seeing a ton of new point changes, some going up and some going down in cost. But no matter what, you’re probably going to want to double check your lists to make sure nothing has changed, and make adjustments if it has. You may be over points now, or you just may be lucky enough to squeeze another unit in.

Matt also gave us a breakdown on what’s changing with the Eldar.

Eldar Warlord

Eldar Chapter Approved Changes

Hi, this Matt-Shadowlord adding a section about the changes to Eldar.


  • Phoenix up from 157 to 183 (I just got my Phoenix model. JUST got it!)
  • Vampire hunter up from 925 to waaaaaaaoh 1500
  • Warp Hunter up from 240 to 285
  • Scorpion up from 660 to 700
  • Revenant 1200 to 2000!!


  • Wasp drops from 110 to 65. Welcome back to play, little guy!
  • Wraithseer drops from 150 to 125


Most of these are changes to bring FW inline with the Codex.

  • Dcannon down from 50 to 45 (as in the Codex)
  • Prism Rifle up from 15 to 25 – this means Shadowspectres go from 23 to 33pts. (I just got my 10 Spectre models. Same package as the Phoenix!)
  • Prism Blaster up from 20 to 30 – The Shadowspectre exarch goes from 28 to 38 if taking this weapon. (And in the same box, 2 Exarchs with the blasters. Typical, lol).
  • Scatter laser 10 (as in the Codex)
  • Shuriken Cannon 10 (as in the Codex)
  • Sonic Lance up from 0 to 60
  • Starcannon 15 (as in the Codex)
  • Twin Shuriken Cat 5 (as in the Codex)
  • Twin Shuriken Cannon 17 (as in the Codex)
  • Twin Starcannon 28 (as in the Codex)

(Corsairs are the Forgeworld Eldar faction; basically space pirate elves)
Corsair Cloud Dancers – down from 25 to 20
Corsair Cloud Dancers Felarch – down from 30 to 25
Corsair Reaver – down from 9 to 7
Corsair Reaver Felarch – down from 14 to 12
Corsair Skyreaver – Down from 12 to 10
Corsair Skyreaver Felarch – down from 17 to 12
Those are some across the board improvements to Corsair costs. I like the models and would order some, but am concerned for the sake of Corsair players that the moment my package arrives from FW the prices will be bumped up 😀

Impact on Eldar

Eldar saw quite a few changes despite being a brand new codex, but the majority are to bring FW units into line with the new Codex pricing. Eldar Superheavies however have really had the nerfbat swung at them hard -it’s possible that this is partially balanced by access to new craftworld bonuses, but really it is likely to make most of them appear in games less frequently.

The Eldar Corsairs are now worth a second look. Their unique selling point is a special rule called Reckless Abandon; if they cause a casualty in overwatch they can immediately make a 3″ move in any direction. With more ways to get off turn 1 charges in the game almost every week, this can be a very valuable option to have. In an ideal world, you’re looking at a way to make those charges less likely to hit.

Shadowspectres clearly took a hammering. As someone who just got the models that’s a bit of a pain, but I also think they benefit too much from stackable bonuses like Alaitoc, Conceal and Lighting Reflexes (-4 to hit trollolllooooo), and so were due a price increase.

The new Chapter Approved is definitely bringing a lot of changes for a lot of armies. Make sure you’re going back over your army lists and making the changes you need to.

What are your thoughts on the latest point changes from Chapter Approved, and the DLC nature of the presumed future updates?

Are you going to have to make changes to your list? Let us know in the comments below.


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