Brazil Comic-Con Inside Look At Marvel’s ‘Venom’

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Brazil Comic-Con gave us an inside look at Marvel’s ‘Venom’, and how actor Tom Hardy is planning on portraying Venom on the big screen.

Comic-Con in Brazil was recently in full swing recently, with the south american nerd culture in full bloom. One recent panel was held for the upcoming film centered around our favorite alien goo-based anti-hero, Venom, starring Tom Hardy as the titular character, as well as his alter ego, Eddie Brock.

Not too much information was revealed about the movie, but fans of the character will be happy to know the storyline and character iteration is most akin to that of the Lethal Protector and the Planet of the Symbiotes series of the black and white character, explaining the San Francisco backdrop shown in the video streamed to the Brazilian Comic-con audience.

Tom Hardy also goes on to mention he has the full intention of displaying the fan-favourite symbiote as true to the comics as he can, knowing how important it is to its fans and his audience.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, (director of Zombieland), we all eagerly await the film and our first taste of footage, whenever that may come in the awaiting season.

With its promise of an R-rating and Carnage stated as the main antagonist, it has the potential to be an exciting, unique look into the odd anti-hero (and potentially villainous) side of superhero movies.

What do you think of the first look trailer? Any plot clues that you can see?

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