GW’s Biggest Dreadnought: Custodes Telemon Unboxed

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Forge World knocked it out of the park with the Legio Custodes Telamon, Warhammer’s largest Dreadnought yet. Come get a closer look.

Welcome back 40K Fanatics! Today Rob is unboxing Forge World’s massive Legio Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought, and it is HUGE!

telemon size comparison

Telemon pictured with a Redemptor (left) and Leviathan (right)

Perhaps the best part is that Games Workshop seemed to hint at the fact that the Legio Custodes models from their 30k Horus Heresy would be getting rules in 40k now, alongside their plastic cousins and their new offerings in 8th Edition.

Finally, if you’ve already got a sizeable collection of  Forge World Legio Custodes, rules are on their way for you to use your favourite units in Warhammer 40,000, in addition to the huge range of new plastic kits.

Whether you are a veteran or a fledgling Adeptus Custodes fan, you might be looking to expand your collection right now with the Telemon Dreadnought.

Fewer than a handful of Telemon Dreadnoughts are to be found within the ranks of the Legio Custodes, each intended to stand sentinel over its charges no matter the forces brought against it. The honour of interment in one of the few existing Telemon sarcophagi is awarded to only the most celebrated warriors. Rare is the foe who can stand against the array of esoteric, hand-crafted weapons that grace its chassis or the ferocious will and warrior skill of the master Custodian interred within.

Telemon DreadnoughtThis thing is crazy detailed and utterly massive, dwarfing even the mighty Contemptor Dreadnoughts!  This kit is a modelers dream, coming with predrilled sockets for magnets and weapon arms that can be assembled in a huge variety of options!

Telemon Magnets

Check out the whole video below for more details, and you can purchase the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought from Forge World for £72.

  • Largest Dreadnought Forgeworld Makes
  • Swappable Arms
  • High detail Resin casting
  • Predrilled Magnet holes

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