Jabba’s Palace: Star Wars Destiny

Jabba’s Palace is a dangerous place to find some of the most notorious and evil bounty hunters this side of the twin suns in Star Wars Destiny.

Jabba is the ultimate crime lord, and his control on the bounty hunters he employs is evident in his ability to reroll a Yellow die when he activates. But Jabba is already established. Let’s review his Majordomo!

Bib Fortuna is Jabba’s right hand man, and his similar character die is about manipulation rather than damage. 1 focus, 1 disrupt, 1 resource, and 2 special ability sides offer fantastic support options. His special ability is amazingly versatile as it allows you to roll a character die on one of your other characters into your pool. This can allow you to activate, spend character dice, and then roll them back into your pool with Bib Fortuna. Double the price!

Greedo always did have bad luck, but he will have the last laugh in Destiny. This Unlucky Bounty Hunter has 1 ranged, 2 ranged, 2 indirect damage, and 1 disrupt on his die. Impressive damage potential but his death can result in a powerful ability. Before he is defeated, roll any number of Greedo’s character dice into your pool. Then resolve any number of his character dice in the order of your choice. This can be a thematic parting shot as we all know Greedo got greased!

If you really want to get some fun play out of your Yellow cards, why not start a Cantina Brawl? This 1 cost Event deals 1 damage to an opponent’s character. Then that opponent may discard a card from their hand to repeat this effect. if you both have full hands, you can go back and forth trading blows until you are out of cards! A fun card that deals damage and can mill your opponent, but only if they go blow for blow!

The Yellow Villains have more sneaky tactics up their sleeves in Jabba’s Palace and in Star Wars Destiny.

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