Lion Knight: Kabuki Studios Unboxing Review

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Checkout a great looking primarch alternative model for the Dark Angels Lion El’Jonson from Kabuki Studios’ Knights of Legend Line.

The Knights of Legend are fierce fighters, roaring into combat. The Lion Knight, especially, charging in without fear and standing tall against his enemies!

Kabuki Studios has redone their Lion Knight with a fantastic limited edition model, complete with new blister pack packaging as well. Take a look at our quick rundown of the model, then be sure to press play on the video below to see the entire unboxing and review!

kabuki lion knightThe Lion Knight 50,00 €

kabuki lion knight paintedThe Lion Knight is a multi-parts resin kit, it needs assembly and painting.

Sold in a blister with plastic round base included

The limited edition (250 units) comes with 2 bonus parts:
– the winged helm
– the adamantium shield

The Lion Knight comes with a 50mm base with a rounded lip, perfect for building up a display base.

kabuki lion knight torso

The body is very well sculpted and has a lot of great detail. There are flat areas with no detail, but that keeps with the theme of the period-style armor. The armor does have great detail with the lion motifs on the armor, bits of chain mail, and other portions. The helm has wings with solid feather-work on the wings. The shield has a lion motif with a blank banner to write your own words on. If you wanted to build without the shield, there is an option to have a fist instead. The head option has flowing locks and a snarling expression, giving the appearance of the Lion Knight yelling fiercely while charging into battle.

kabuki lion knight shield

Each piece has its own bit of detail on it, and though it will require trimming and cleaning up, the model will look fantastic when completed. Each piece fits in a certain way, setting the model to an attacking pose. The overall model looks hand-sculpted with the way the details are added in.

For more information about the Knights of Legend, and other fantastic character models, head over to Kabuki Studios. Be sure to press play on the video below to see the entire unboxing and review of the Lion Knight.

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