Magnus Vs. Russ: Forge World Showcase

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magnus hor

With a painting frenzy sweeping over, it means more painted models to show.  A brand new year calls for a brand new Primarch; this one’s Magnus the Red.

Magnus the Red joins the rest of the Forge World Primarchs in Eric’s complete collection so far!

magnus the red hellfire 1magnus the red hellfire 2magnus the red hellfire 3

Back when I painted Leman Russ, I got a little bit carried away and went truly above and beyond on the painting, which turned out to be an issue for Magnus. Because they are on a diorama base, Magnus has to be painted to the same over the top standard as Leman Russ, or the whole diorama will look odd. Oh well.

hellfire leman russ wolveshellfire leman russ magnus

Also, I dug out the lightbox to take pictures, and my-oh-my the difference that this thing makes!  I’ve included the link to Amazon for the one I have below, but rest assured that I’ll talk about it in much more details in another post.

Couple of extra shot of Leman Russ with the awesome lightbox at work:

leman russ hellfireleman russ hellfire 2

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