Painted Army Showcase: GMM A Year in Review

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deadpool space marine close
The folks at GMM studios have done some amazing work over the last year. This painted army showcase features a few of their amazing works.

These armies are absolutely beautiful, with amazing detail and display boards done as well. Take a look at these painted Army Showcases and see for yourselves. Also be sure to hop over to their website to see more amazing works.
gmm crusty anchovygmm spirit of orboros
gmm sister reaver titans
gmm sister reaver freehand
gmm thunder belchgmm radiant child reaver
gmm black and bluegmm rum and bones
gmm deadpool goonsgmm merchant shipgmm wrath of the khangmm tau invasiongmm orruks

These armies are absolutely fantastic. Be sure to head over to their gallery and see more of their amazing work. Which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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