3D Upgraded Custodes Knight: Magnetized & Painted

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custode knight

The Adeptus Custodes spare no expense with their technology. Take a look at this fully magnetized Adeptus Custodes Imperial Knight – complete with 3D printed upgrades!

The 3D printed parts are from Gadgets + on Shapeways. Gadgets + offers quite a few different parts, including different headpieces and multiple shoulder pads options, for Adeptus Custodes style and others. Take a look at the video below to see some of the options, as well as the 3D parts used for this particular Knight.

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custodes knight showcase body

The upgrade pieces all fit onto the Knight extremely well, creating more filigree and great detail to fit with any Custodes themed army. The model is fully magnetized, with arm joints being movable and pose-able in various ways. Each weapon option is also magnetized, so the knight is incredibly versatile on the table top as well. The golds, silvers, and reds were done by using Scale 75 paints, as well as some Vallejo colors. The heat scoring was done by Secret Weapon’s heat kit. Scale 75 had great paints, especially with the metals, are fantastic and paint on extremely easily.

custodes knight showcase

Since there is not a codex for the Knights yet, using the Knights on the table will require both the Index as well as Chapter Approved. In Chapter Approved (for extra stratagems). There are different builds of the Knight, depending on the weapon choices and vary from 389 – 506 points. These can be created from one Knight kit if you magnetize the entire kit. These have 24 Wounds, Strength and Toughness 8, a Movement table based on damage taken, and a few useful abilities.

custodes knight showcase claws

The Titanic (happy) feet and Reaper chainsword are two pretty awesome abilities, with titanic feet giving you 12 Attacks instead of 4, and the reaper chainsword is giving you Strength 12 instead of 8, plus 6 Damage. There are great ways of doing massive amounts of damage with these Knights.

This Adeptus Custodes Imperial Knight’s 3D printed parts can be found on Gadgets +. Be sure to press play on the video below to check out the entire showcase for yourself!

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