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Games Workshop just gave us a rules preview of the upcoming Daughters of Khaine release. Come check out the latest rules for Age of Sigmar.

The new Daughters of Khaine battletome is on its way, and this week Games Workshop is giving us previews of what we’ll be seeing inside the covers. Let’s take a look at what they had to say about it and some of the new rules.

On the battlefield, the Daughters of Khaine are part iron-disciplined warrior order and part fanatical cult. As battle progresses, they whip themselves into a frenzy, ignoring wounds and becoming steadily deadlier. This is represented by two new allegiance abilities. The first of these is Fanatical Faith:

Daughters of Khaine Fanatical Faith

The first rule we’re seeing for the Daughters of Khaine is Fanatical Faith which is going to let friendly Daughters of Khaine ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 6+. This going to come in especially useful when combined with Blood Rites.

Daughters of Khaine Blood Rites

Blood Rites is going to help you get in close very fast with your Daughters of Khaine army allowing you to re-roll run rolls of 1 for units with this trait. Additionally,  according to Games Workshop, “Each benefit is cumulative. Get to round 5 or higher, and your army will be re-rolling 1s to run, charge, hit, wound AND save.”

They didn’t seem to indicate how they will be getting those re-rolls, and we can only assume the 1 and 5 in the chart above correspond to the turn number with perhaps turns 2-4 conferring those re-rolls. Blood Rites may work similar to power for pain in 40k, but at this time we can only assume such.

Morathi Daughters of KhaineAll in all this preview is making the Daughters of Khaine look extremely intimidating on the tabletop. Make sure you check back in with us tomorrow when we get an in-depth preview of the Shadow Queen Morathi.


What do you think about the latest preview for the Daughters of Khaine? Are you looking forward to playing this army?

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