Just Add Water: New GW Teaser?

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Ship TeaserGames Workshop just dropped a new video on us giving us a look at a new ship, but we’re still not sure what it is. Could be terrain… Could be something else… You be the judge.

Games Workshop is back at it with what may be another teaser… or it may not be a teaser… Are we looking at a new piece of terrain, a teaser for a new army for Age of Sigmar, or is GW getting into fishtank accessories? Take a look at the video and we’ll let you decide.

The video is giving us a couple close-ups of a sunken ship, but the end reveals it was in a goldfish tank the whole time! Duhn, duhn, duhhhnnnn… Goldfish Ship

Using the goldfish for scale, (which actually stole the show on this one) and, according to Google, the average goldfish is around 4″, so that would make the ship roughly 12″ to 13″ long.

Now as for what the video revealed, we’re not sure to be completely honest. It appears to be terrain but the video is titled “From out of blackness they came…” which leads us to think that it could be a new army. No matter what, the barnacles and corroded look of the ship tells us it’s been underwater for a long time. Could this be a way for them to use ship designs from the Dreadfleet game that was put out back in 2011 but was later canceled?

Dreadfleet Cover

Or is this just simply another convoluted teaser like the Rumor Engine? No matter what, we’re eagerly waiting to find out more and see exactly what the video was showing us a preview for.

What do you think? Is this a new piece of terrain? Or is it a teaser for a new army? Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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