New 40k Tau Codex Rumors SPOTTED!

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stormsurge hor tauWe know the Tau have a codex on the way and today we’re getting a look at a new set of rumors from someone claiming to have seen the book already.

Haeichi over on Advanced Tau Tactica was more than happy to share some details of the new Tau codex, claiming to have seen it already.

Now, this is a rumor so don’t forget to add plenty of salt.

salt pile

I saw our codex… It’s meh =/. And I’m not allowed to say anything about it =[
He claimed it was “meh”, but then he followed it up with this:
I apologize for saying that everybody. I was drunk and wrote without thinking first. You’ll find really good changes in this codex.
Stealthsuit tau
So, let’s take a look at everything Haeichi posted so far related to the upcoming codex.
I lost track of this topic for a while, but Arka told me someone dropped a rumour about Gun Drones not having saviour protocols and Rail weapons being the same price.
I can tell you both are false. Although there is a small change to saviour protocols.

I’m not going to rate it because that would be too subjective. All I can tell is that I have a massive tournament coming in two months and I’m dropping my Custodes and Thousand Sons list to play T’au instead. Also buy Riptides and a couple Hammerheads (with Ion Cannons) if you don’t have them.

Burst-or Iontide…?
Either and both. The firepower of both has skyrocketed while the point cost dropped hard. Plus there’s two insane stratagems for them.

The change to Saviour Protocols is something similar to what Crisis Bodyguards do and Shadowsun’s rule with Stealths suits.

Sorry, that was a bit confusing. Savior Protocols is the same as before, but happens only on a 2+.

If people are already complaining about T’au, here a few negative things haha.

1 commander per detachment

No changes to the markerlight table

No improvement to BS across the board


Railguns are the same

Don’t get alarmed though, there are far more upsides that we will get to soon-ish. I’m just waiting for GW to officially announce the codex to get more into details.

The upsides will come from massive point drops on base costs and weaponry, and massive buff to weapons characteristics. Sometimes both, which can make for some crazy stuff.

Like a Heavy 18 S6 -1 2dmg gun for 35 points

So these are some pretty bold claims about the upcoming Tau codex. However, it looks like we won’t be seeing any more rumors coming out of Haechi anytime soon.

*BAD WORD DELETED*, this is why I didn’t want to say anything.

I like ATT, and I love T’au, so I’m sharing things with you as a form of excitement. I don’t want that *BAD WORD DELETED!* all over the internet. I guess I’m out.

Aaaaand, that’s it, people from my community have noticed. I’m screwed.

So, from the sounds of that last post, it looks like he may have gotten in trouble, or this is just an elaborate ruse. But, like we said at the beginning, this is just a rumor, and you shouldn’t go out and spend all your hobby dollars on Tau just yet.
However, if these rumors are true, Tau fans out there should already be getting excited about the much-needed changes. This might just be the codex that pushes Tau to the front of the pack of Warhammer, or at least makes it more playable in the competitive format.
The Tau were also set to be featured in Forge World’s Fires of Cyraxus that has been previewed for almost two years now, and we still have yet to see it. There was, however, some art from the book shown off back in 2016 featuring Tau. Could we finally be seeing the release of the new book after the Tau are done in the old late summer FW supplement slot? We hope so, we’ve all certainly waited long enough.
What are your thoughts on the latest Tau codex rumors? Do they sound believable? Can we expect to see Fires of Cyraxus released anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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