Exclusive Space Marine Heroes Series 2 Announced!

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It looks like we’re going to be seeing another wave of Exclusive Space Marine Heroes coming to Japan in the near future. Let’s take a look at the latest announcement from Games Workshop.

GW was pleased to announce Series 2 of the Space Marine Heroes line that is exclusive to Japan. Let’s see what they had to say about it.

Great news, Space Marine Heroes fans – following the success of the first wave, a brand new set of Adeptus Astartes champions is on its way for you to track down and collect – here’s a teaser for one of them:

Exciting stuff!

We know loads of fans based outside of Japan have been keen to get their hands on the Space Marine Heroes, and we’re currently looking into the feasibility of this.

The shadow outline of the mini almost makes it look like a Terminator of sorts, and if it is we can’t wait to see more!

The success of the first wave of Space Marines Heroes has given GW all the more reason to keep it going, the only downside is they’re Japan exclusives and not that easy for people in the rest of the world to get their hands on them. Well, that might be changing soon, Games Workshop said they are currently looking into the feasibility of making these minis available elsewhere.

What do you think about the Space Marine Heroes Wave 2 announcement? Were you able to get your hands on any of the first set? If not, and you want to see what they are, you can check out the full Spikey Bits unboxing in the video below.

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