2018 40k Release RUMORS, Featuring the Orks!

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There’s a new rumor floating around giving us more information on the 2018 40k release timetable and the Orks release in detail. Come find out the latest on Orks in 8th edition.

The latest rumor that was spotted over on Bell of Lost Souls is making some claims there is a big release on the way for Ork players, with some major changes in store. Let’s take a look at the latest rumor, but don’t forget your salt.

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Industry rumormongers say to look for the following:

  • Look for the Orks to return about a year after 8th Edition arrived.
  • The Orks will return to the game in a major way with a large release.
  • There will be advancing storylines putting the Orks in the post great rift Imperium in a big way.
  • Multiple new kits are coming.
  • Many existing units will be changed substantially from their current rules.

So according to the latest rumor, it looks like the Orks will be on their way around June time frame, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for an official announcement from Games Workshop.  Large release, advancing storyline, existing units getting a much-needed rules update, and multiple new kits… What more could Ork players ask for?

Speaking of new kits… Let’s not forget about what appears to be a big Ork walker that was spotted in the White Dwarf image that was posted on Warhammer Community after the live preview from GAMA:

adepticon preview plastic Orks

The White Dwarf team have been doing some sterling work of late to incorporate reader feedback into the magazine – kitbashing articles, new rules and classic battle reports refought. In fact, here’s a quick look at one such battle report on its way to newstands soon.

And now check out the models in the top right corner. Three appear to be the plastic Deff Koptas, and, at first glance, the model to the left of them appears to be a Deff Dread.  But is it?

new orks plastic rumors

Compare that model to the current Deff Dread below:

While some of the arms appear to be similar, the configuration of legs seems to not be the same at all.

However, the front plate appears to possibly be the same as one of the Stompa heads seen below:

new orks plastic rumors

So is this a legit new model for the Orks to be revealed at some point in the future, a conversion, or something else?

These aren’t the first Ork rumors we’ve seen though, let’s not forget about the rumors from a couple months back. User Haechi, on Advanced Tau Tactica, actually put these rumors out back in November, and so far he’s been spot on.

Alright, I went back to see my “source” friend and asked for details. Here’s what I “know” now (yes I did report wrong things, I should take written notes, sorry lol) : Early and throughout January is double Daemons release, for both 40k and AoS. End of January is Custodes, which could be a longer release than usual as well because it has new entries in the codex (four as far as I know). February is unknown, but some of it will still be Custodes. Early or mid March is still T’au, and the end of the month Necrons. Then April and May are split between Harlequins, Drukharii, and the two new Aelves armies for Aos.

So Haechi actually told us about the Custodes releases over a month before anyone else knew. Could the rest of this rumor hold more truth to it than we thought? We’re already seeing new Daemons releases for 40k and AoS, and Custodes came out in January, T’au and Necrons both came out in March, and may we’re going to be seeing Drukhari and Idoneth Deepkin releases.

Speaking of rumors… Here’s where Orks (da) jump into our coverage: This timetable was found in the comments section on Miniwars.Feb Jun Rumors

This rumor differs a little bit from the Haechi rumor above, but it also goes out to June, showing that the Orks will be getting a codex as well. The boxed game we believe is most likely Forgebane which just released, however, it’s not uncommon for GW to release things a little early or later than thought. Perhaps even the codex Space Wolves was changed to Death Watch as we got closer to the release window.


So will we be seeing Orks in June like the rumors states? Or could it be even sooner than that? Only time will tell. Make sure you’re checking back in with us for the latest updates.

What do you think about the latest rumors? Will we be seeing Orks in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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