40k Adepticon Championship Top 16 Lists REVEALED

hor of space marine and chaosThe first day of the 40k Tournament Championships at Adepticon is over, and the Top 16 results are in! Come see who made the cut and their lists.

THE RESULTS ARE IN courtesy of Best Coast Pairings.

#1 Andrew Gonyo – Blood Angels

Top 16

#2 Matt Root – Tyranids

Top 16#3 Stephen Fore aka Juice – Tyranids

Top 16

Top 16

#4 Matt Schuchman – Tyranids

Top 16

#5 Nick Nanavati – Black Legion

Top 16

#6 Joshua Death – Chaos Daemons


Top 16

#7 Jason Sparks – Dark Angels

Top 16

#8 Chris Blackham – Tyranids

Top 16 Top 16

#9 TJ Lanigan – Death Guard

Top 16

#10 Mike Taylor – Astra Militarum

Top 16

#11 Nick Rose – Tyranids

Top 16 Top 16 Top 16

#12 Brad Chester – Aeldari

Top 16

#13 Josh Kinder – Dark Angels

Top 16 Top 16

#14 Steven Pampreen – Chaos

Top 16

#15 Dominique Carette – Dark Angels

Top 16

#16 Trent Northington – Cadian Shock Troops – 137 points

Top 16

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the results for the top 16 from the Warhammer 40,000 Championships are in, and our very own Steven Fore, aka Juice, is third going into the top 16 cut.

Make sure you’re checking back in with us throughout the weekend for the latest updates from the hobby trenches at Adepticon.

Checkout Adepticon’s website for the full even line-up list, as we’ll try to cover as much as we can! Checkout the links below for our last nine years of covering the event from the hobby trenches, it’s been a blast.

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