6MM Tank Battles With Bradley Miniatures

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Small-scale tank warfare is about to get some new mini models from Bradley Miniatures. Let’s take a look at these micro murder machines.

The creators at Bradley Miniatures have successfully funded their Kickstarter if a line of 6mm. tanks that would be an awesome stand-in for a game of Epic. Successful funding of this project means we will see seven new model kits for both the Star Legion and the Colonial Army. Let’s see what you get!


The long awaited follow up to the successful Star Legion Kickstarer. This project will expand the focus of the previous one by fleshing out the heavy armored forces of the Star Legion, as well as introducing the new Colonial Army! All new 6mm scale vehicles ranging from the reliable M-75 personnel carrier to the behemoth Actium Super-heavy Battle Tank!


For a modest pledge of $25 you get 4 tanks from the faction of you choice ether 2x Actium Super-heavy Assault Laser and 2x Kourion Super-heavy Tank for the Star Legion, or 4x Ironclad Super Heavy Tanks for the Colonial Army. This seems like a great deal!


For a pledge of $60.00 or more, you get  8x Type-47 Heavy Tank, 2x Ironclad Superheavy Tank, 8x Calydon Battle Tank, and 2x Kourion Tank Hunter in an exclusive two-player starter box.

This definitely an awesome Kickstarter. Make sure you head over and show your support and score some “Epic” minis for the world of 6mm. tabletop battles.

For more info visit Bradley Miniatures

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