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We have some big news from Mantic Games as they get fired up for some new releases for Warpath with the GCPS marines. Let’s take a  look!

Let’s take sneak peek at some upcoming release from  Mantic Games as they bolster the line for the GCPS Marines for their wargame Warpath!

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Warpath is the tactical tabletop wargame, set in Mantic’s Sci-Fi Universe. Players field armies of 28mm scale infantry and vehicles to fight furious battles across the worlds of the far future, from the industrial sprawls of colonised planets to the arid wastelands on newly discovered worlds.

Mantic warpath



This release for Warpath is very exciting. It has everything you need to build your army for you MASS BATTLE tabletop gaming! The GCPS collection has two brand new vehicles, troopers, special fire teams and 3 force boxes to satisfy what ever your customers are looking for. The human troopers translate perfectly into other gaming systems too!

Talk about an army in a box. This thing is full to the rim of awesome minis. With over  40 models in total, this looks like an awesome way to get into the Warpath Universe or really upgrade your existing GCPS Marine army.

GCPS TAD-65 Hornet Dropship:

Warpath Drop Ship

It also comes with a brand new GCPS TAD-65 Hornet Dropship that looks like it would be a blast to model and paint. with some savage rust effects.

GCPS Mule Transport:

Warpath Tank

The Dropship is not the only way to get your Marines to the battlefield check out The Mule! This high-quality kit is also included in this awesome Mega Force! Transport you army in style across a  futuristic war zone.GCPS ranger art

Prices are to be announced soon. Keep an eye out for this hot new GCPS MEGA FORCE from Mantic soon at a FLGS near you. What do you think of this new Battleforce from Mantic? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

For more info on Warpath visit Mantic Games!

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