RUMORS: New 40k Rivalries, Primarch Models & More

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Primarch Lion El Jonson Wal Hor

Come see the latest rumors of new 40k rivalries, four upcoming primarchs, and campaign expansion releases, all for Warhammer 40,000.

Scanner is back, and from the looks of the latest rumor, there may be big plans for Warhammer 40k in the near future.

Here’s the latest, and remember this is a 100% grade “A” rumor so don’t forget your salt.

salt pile

All of the previous stuff I sent in is still a thing.

In the near future Games Workshop has a release arc planned that fans will be happy to hear about.

We’re going to be seeing the return of some noteworthy Primarchs. Fulgrim, Lion El’ Johnson, Angron, and Leman Russ will all be getting models for 40k.

There’s a new campaign that will be coming our way,  along the lines of the Gathering Storm series, with a little bit of Imperial Armor thrown in for campaign missions.

It looks like Chaos might be seeing some updates for different armies. It will be similar to how DG got troops, elites, and a handful of specialties.

The latest devolpment to all of these is that it looks like the rivlaries are going to be changing a bit in 40k. The new planned rivalries are going to be Ultramarines v Death Guard, Dark Angels v Emperors Children, and Space Wolves v World Eaters. I imagine this is going to be a shock to some people.

We should start seeing the announcements for these starting in the near future.

Gathering Storm III rise of the primarch

We’re getting a little more on those crazy future release 40k rumors.

According to Scanner we’re going to be getting new minis for Fulgrim, Lion El’ Johnson, Angron, and Leman Russ. If that’s true there’s going to be a lot of happy fans out there. On top of that, some Chaos armies might be getting new units, it looks like there will be a new campaign book on the way, and the rivalries are going to be changing around a bit as well. Once again, this is only a rumor, so make of it what you will.

For now, that’s all we know, but this a future campaign style release seems to line up with some of our own predictions on what may be next for 40k.

AoS Banner Deep Dream

Does Games Workshop ever have to put out a new edition?

Games Workshop is notorious for doing complete rules revamps, labeling it as some kind of new edition, and next thing you know we, the players, are spending more money on books and learning new rules systems. But does it really need to be that way?

…One of the easiest things Games Workshop can do is simply drop a new campaign supplement to keep the ball rolling and engage with their player base who is also their chief financial resource…

 No More New Editions of Warhammer 40k & AoS?

What do you think about the latest rumor? Is there a different Primarch you wanted to see on the list? What are your thoughts on the changes to rivalries?

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