2000+ Points of Custodes: Army Showcase

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custodes dark bunny creatives

The Adeptus Custodes look fantastic and hit hard with a limited variety of model choices. Take a look at over 2000 points of the best the Custodes units they have to offer!

Dark Bunny Creatives has painted up an amazing Adeptus Custodes 2000+ point army. While it does have a low model count, the Custodes army packs a huge punch both in appearance and strength of its weapons. Take a look at this quick overview then be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below for the entire showcase!

custodes showcase

custodes bikes dbc

The list includes nine Vertus Praetors with a Shield Captain, Custodian Wardens with axes, Trajann Valoris, Custodian Wardens with spears, and a Vexilus Praetor armed with an axe. Finally, the army is rounded out with a Land Raider armed with lascannons.

These all have some heavy-hitting weapons and can re-roll ones if in range of Valoris. Each of these bikes are magnetized to their bases, as well as having the arms magnetized. This makes traveling with the bikes much easier.

custodes showcase

These models are built with custom bases, which is included in the Tier 2 commission level. The color is striking, bright golds and glowing pinks standing out in the crowd. Overall, such an awesome army with great models and looking fantastic on the ruins.

Such an amazing army with a gorgeous paint job. For more information on how you can commission Dark Bunny Creatives, and see more of their amazing work, head over to their website.

Be sure to press play on the video below to see the entire showcase.

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