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It looks like we’ll be seeing even more Alpha Legion kits coming out alongside the Primarch Alpharius release from Forge World. Come take a look at the latest preview!

Forge World just gave us a look at a new Alpha Legion releases that will be available for pre-order soon. Let’s take a look at the Terminators, vehicle doors, and see what they had to say them.

Hot on the heels of the exciting reveal of Alpharius, we’re excited to announce that another long-awaited Alpha Legion unit is being brought to life soon – the Lernaean Terminators.

The Lernaean Terminators kit is perfect for making a worthy bodyguard for Alpharius, and has a range of tactical roles in your Alpha Legion army. It also features a Terminator-mounted conversion beamer – a rare weapon that transforms the squad into a long-ranged firebase! Even if you don’t use this weapon on your squad, it’s ideal for converting a Master of the Forge in Terminator armour.

Alphs Legion Lernaean Terminators

That’s not all – Forge World will also be releasing another set of vehicle doors, designed to allow you to customise nearly any vehicle in your army – from Deimos Pattern Rhinos to the Thunderhawk itself – with the heraldry of the XXth.

Alpha Legion Doors

The new Alpha Legion minis and doors look absolutely amazing, Forge World never ceases to amaze us. The new minis will be available for attendees of the 2018 Warhammer Fest that is taking place May 12th and 13th alongside Alpharius, and all of the new Alpha Legion products should be available to order shortly afterward.

Alpharius and the upcoming Alpha Legion releases aren’t the only previews we’ve gotten recently, there’s still plenty more on the way from Forge World. We recently saw the announcement of new weapon packs for House Goliath that will be available for pre-order soon.

With House Escher now armed to the teeth with a vastly extended range of weaponry, it’s high time the Goliaths evened the odds with an expanded arsenal of their own. Soon, you’ll be able to pick up three new weapon packs, each absolutely crammed with deadly new gear for your gang:

We don’t have a release date for these new House Goliath weapon packs, just that they’ll be available for pre-order soon.

We also got a preview recently of an old Rogue Trader model that is going to be getting revamped, and available for a limited time.

Very soon, the Land Speeder will be receiving similar treatment, as this classic design is brought to life in glorious resin. The new Forge World Land Speeder captures the spirit of its progenitor perfectly – while the mould lines may be crisper and the detail a lot sharper, there’s no mistaking the influence of Rogue Trader here:


So there you have it, we finally got a look at the new Alpharius model, and we’ve seen a lot of nice previews of what’s to come for Forge World.

What do you think about the latest previews Forge World? Are you looking forward to anything in particular? Let us know in the comments below.

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