Missile Command Board Game Now Available

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Today we are going to revisit a blast from the past with Missile Command. A new retro boardgame from IDW Games, now available in stores! Let’s take a look!

Defined your city from an endless hail of missiles in this awesome boardgame based on the wildly popular 1980’s arcade game by Atari. Let’s take a look at Missile Command from IDW Games!

Missile Command: Available In Stores Now!

Missile Command Box

As global tensions mount, leaders of powerful nations sit ready to defend their people or destroy their enemies. Alliances are formed, yet fragile. Deals made, but not always upheld. Diplomacy is just as important as strategic planning and procuring armaments. The missiles are at your command and the choice if yours: fire on your enemies or betray your allies in Atari’s Missile Command.

Missile Command Spread

Atari’s Missile Command is a social game of diplomacy and destruction for 3 to 6 players. Build your stockpile of missiles, make deals with your opponents, and vie for the top spot on the world’s stage in this fast and strategic take on Atari’s classic video game.

Atari’s Missile Command available on store shelves now!

Missile Command is a great way to get your retro fix on your next board game night! make new alliances and destroy your enemies in this game of tactical missile combat!

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