40x Necromunda Escher Painted Chaos Cultists

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eschers showcase

Check out 40x of the new plastic Escher Necromunda models painted up as Cultists in the four colors of Chaos by Elrik’s painting.

House Escher is known for their chemical manipulation and psychotic flair on the battlefield. These ladies are even more so since they have been touched and inspired by the Chaos Gods!

Elrik’s Painting has expanded their painting services to doing commissions and have painted some fantastic Eschers. These are the same painters that do the studio work for all the bases shown over on Elrik’s Hobbies.

Take a look at these beautifully painted Chaos-inspired models!

eschers showcase chemthrowers

These ladies were painted with a dark color scheme, fitting for the Underhive and matching a Chaos theme as well. Notice the attention to detail and blending on each model is fantastic and every model has great individual flair.

Elrik’s painted them all with crisp layering and the glazing brings it all together and looks fantastic. Any added decals are done extremely well with minimal plastic showing through. Overall, the quality is fantastic and each model received individual attention. Even with each one being so individual, they sit very well on the table and will look fantastic as a Necromunda gang or Chaos Cultists.

eschers showcase 3


In Necromunda, you are allowed to have a Leader, two Champions, two Juves, and five Gangers for every box of 10 models. The number of Gangers must be equal to or higher than the total number of other fighters.

Generally, Eschers are going to have lasguns or bolters, as the needlers and flamers are the most expensive models in the box. In close-range firepower, these ladies can be brutal. For building the models, there are several different options for heads and armor in each box.

house escher gang

Take a look at Elrik’s Painting on Facebook for more information about commissions, painting services, and to see some of their current projects. You can also message them on Facebook or via email for more information regarding their commission services.

Be sure to press play on the video below and check out this two-fer cultist squad and Escher Gang for yourself!

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